IR Scattering is a new touchscreen technology, seen as a better version than traditional IR touchscreens.

Standard IR Touchscreens have LED transmitters on two adjacent sides, and opposite each have a receiver.

This forms a “grid” over the display and when a beam is broken by the finger / stylus the touch is registered.

IR Scatter Technology is similar but every beam is transmitted to 32 different receivers, instead of just 1.


ir comparison IR Scattering is a new touchscree

Having so many more lines of sight, allows the touchscreen to better sense multiple inputs, so its perfect for multitouch applications.

Its more accurate, and also still functions perfectly if an LED malfunctions so is much more reliable / durable.

Palm rejection and object rejection are also much better.

Product Range:

SizeOuter DimensionThickness w/o glass
32"742 x 436mm11.8mm
40"932 x 545mm11.8mm
48"1120 x 659mm26.8mm
55"1276 x 746mm26.8mm
65"1518 x 893mm42.9mm
75"1739 x 1017mm42.9mm
85"1940 x 1121mm45.7mm

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