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A resistive touch screen is a very simple touch sensor that uses dual layers of a flexible, conductive material that deforms under a touch and the 2 layers make contact, the position of this contact is determined by the change in resistance of the circuits. The touchscreen uses a series of electrodes along each edge, and the touch controller alternates between sensing x and y axis readings using electrodes on opposite sides to carry a voltage difference and one of the adjacent electrodes to sense the touch. This construction method uses a deformable material to function, so eventually the touch sensor will wear out over use and require recalibration over time to stay accurate but it is also cheap, reliable and accurate when calibrated correctly. It can also be used with a touch stylus or a gloved hand.

Our main partners for analogue resistive touchscreens are DMC and Hantouch.

DMC Resistive:

Touch Screens by DMC are available with analog resistive 4-wire, 5-wire, or with PCAP capacitive technology.  All DMC Touch Screens have an anti-glare coating for optimum visibility. A suitable Touch Controller connects the Touch Screens to a computer via  RS232 or USB interface.  The touch sensitivity and other features can be set with the driver software.

Resistive Advantages:

  • Operates with any medium (finger, stylus, glove etc)
  • Very thin frame – Fast response
  • High precision accuracy due to high touch resolution
  • Resistant against dirt and water
  • Light and compact design
  • Lowest priced technology

4 wire resistive touch sensors:

Size (Diagonal)Glass ThicknessPart NumberNotes
5.7"1.4mm, anti glareATP-057
6.5"1.4mm, anti glareAST-065BO80A
7"2.1mm, anti glareAST-070A80A
8.4"2.1mm, anti glareAST-084A080A
10.4"2.1mm, anti glareAST-104A080A
12.1"2.1mm, anti glareAST-121A080A
14.1"2.1mm, anti glareTP-3712S1F0widescreen
15"2.1mm, anti glareAST-150C140A
15.4"2.1mm, anti glareTP-3891S1F0widescreen
17.1"2.1mm, anti glareAST-171A140A
19"2.1mm, anti glareAST-190A14A
19"2.1mm, anti glareAST-N191A140Awidescreen

5 wire resistive touch sensors:

Size (Diagonal)Glass ThicknessPart NumberNotes
10.4"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T104
12.1"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T121
15"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T150
17"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T170
19"2.1mm, anti glareFST-T190

Hantouch Resistive

Hantouch is a Korean touch screen manufacturer producing high quality industrial touch screens. Hantouch has a wide selection of standard resistive touch screen products in both 4 and 5 wire technologies, between 5.7″ and 27″.

4 wire resistive touch sensors:

SizePart Number Dimensions (mm)
7" WideHW070A-NCNBH62-R162.8x102.84

5 wire resistive touch sensors:

SizePart Number Dimensions (mm)

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