BOE is the world’s largest global manufacturer of flat panel TFT solutions and one of the world’s most innovative TFT manufacturers.

With sizes ranging from 3.5″ to 55″, BOE panels feature High Definition, High Brightness and Wide Viewing Angles combined with a sleek, functional design.

They also boast low power consumption and narrow borders, making them suitable for many different applications due to their performance and reliability.

BOE displays are regularly used in many industrial applications, including military, medical, entertainment and digital signage.


Super narrow Bezel Displays

Comprehensively upgraded narrow bezels for laptops to improve their overall portability.

High Colour Gamut

Fluoride fluorescent powder (KSF) LED backlight is matched with high colour gamut film for a standard colour gamut of DCI-P3 100%, improving performance.

‘Peep-proof’ Display 

Peep-proof display and one-button switching of shared status make it possible to satisfy the demands of visual angles of different laptops in different application scenarios. Excellent technical innovations from BOE Displays.

8K Bright View3 Display

BOE’s own Bright view3 technology for UHD pixel geometry is adopted with a pixel density of retinal class of 326ppi fully illustrating the details.  Another great technological innovation from BOE Displays.

Narrow Bezel

3- and 4-edge narrow bezel design significantly expands the display range for all-around visual enjoyment, integrated bezel-less experience and endlessly expanded visual fields.

Ultra thin TFTs

Ultra thin glass LGP is adopted for ultra-thin and all-around slim body design with required mechanical strength.

HDR Displays

High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) technology is adopted to provide two options of side-type and direct-type, which ensures the product performance and ultra-thin appearance simultaneously for high-dynamic contrast.

Top-speed Curved Surface

A curved surface display for e-sports is featured by the higher response and refresh rate. The curved surface design provides an immersive panoramic view and much better user experience.

Here is a list of the current BOE models available:

SizeResolutionPart NumberBrightnessComments
3.6"240 x 320TBA300
3.62"480 x 480On-Cell TLCM450
4.17"540 x 540DV042FBM-T80250
4.3"480 x 272ET043WQM-A10288MOQ 5000 pcs after sample
4.3"480 x 272TT043WQQ-N10MOQ 5000 pcs after sample
5"800 x 480TBA350
5"1366 x 768TBA350
7"480 x 800TV070WSM-NM0450(ultra wide viewing angle and extended temp. MOQ 5K pcs after sample.
7"1024 x 600QV070WSM-N60400MOQ 2500 pcs after sample
7"800 x 1280TBA300
7"800 x 480 ET070WVM-N10300MOQ 5000 pcs after sample
7.84"400 x 1280X078DTLN-06450MOQ 5000 pcs after sample
8"1920 x 1200TV080WUM-NX2435MOQ 5000 pcs after sample
10.1"1024 x 600ET101WSM-N10400MOQ 500 pcs after sample
10.1"1280 x 800EV101WXM-N12350
10.1"1280 x 800BP101WX1-200350
10.1"1280 x 800QV101WXM-N50TBAMOQ 500 pcs after sample
10.1"1280 x 800TV101WXM-NU1400
10.4"800 x 600TT104S0M-NW0300
10.4"1024 x 768TBA500
11.6"1366 x 768NT116WHM-N44220MOQ 500 pcs after sample
12.1"1280 x 800EV121WXM-N10400MOQ 500 pcs after sample
12.1"800 x 600TT121S0M-NW0450
12.1"1024 x 768TBA600
13.3"TBAHB133WX1-402TBAMOQ 5000 pcs after sample
13.3"1920 x 1080NB133FHM-N52300MOQ 250 pcs after sample
13.3"1920 x 1080NV133FHM-N63350
14"1920 x 1080NT140FHM-N42250MOQ 1000 pcs after sample
14"1920 x 1080NV140FHM-A14250ADD ON TLCM
15"1024 x 768HM150X01-102300
15"1024 x 768TBA300
15"1024 x 768TBA300
15"1024 x 768TBA350
15"1024 x 768TBA350
15.6"1920 x 1080EV156FHM-N10500
15.6"1920 x 1080NV156FHM-N43300
15.6"1366 x 768TBA220
15.6"1920 x 1080TBA220
15.6"1920 x 1080TBA300
17.3"1920 x 1080NV173FHM-N41300
18.5"1366 x 768TBA250
19"1440 x 900HT190WG1-100300
19"1280 x 1024MV190E0M-N10250
19"1920 x 360DV190FBM-NB0250MOQ 500 pcs after sample
21"1920 x 132DV210FBM-N00300MOQ 500 pcs after sample
21.5"1920 x 1080MV215FHM-N30250
23"1920 x 1080MV230FHM-N10250MOQ 250 pcs after sample
23.8"1920 x 1080MV238FHM-N20250
23.8"1920 x 1080EV238FHM-N11300
23.8"1920 x1080DV238FHM-N10450
23.8"1920 x 1080DV238FHM-NMO/NM1350
23.8"1920 x 1080MV238FHM-N10250MOQ 500 pcs after sample
23.8"1920 x 1080TBA400
23.8"3840 x 2160MV238QUM-N20300MOQ 500 pcs after sample
23.8"2560 x 1440MV238QHM-N10300MOQ 500 pcs after sample
24"1920 x 360DV240FHM-NB0250MOQ 500 pcs after sample
24"1920 X 1200EV240WUM-N10600
24"1920 x 1200DV240FBM-NB0300MOQ 500 pcs after sample
27"1920 x 1080HR270WU1-200725
27"1920 x 1080MV270FHM-N30250MOQ 5000 pcs after sample
27"1920 x 1080MV270FHM-N40300MOQ 5000 pcs after sample
27"3840 x 2160TBA800
27"3840 2160MV270QUM-N20350MOQ 5000 pcs after sample
27"3840 x 2160MV270QUM-N10250
28"1920 x 360STRETCHED DV280FBM-NB1700MOQ 250 pcs after sample
32"1920 x 1080DV320FHM-NN0400MOQ 500 pcs after sample
43"1920 x 1080DV430FHM-NN1400MOQ 500 pcs after sample
49"1920 x 1080DV490FHM-NN0400MOQ 500 pcs after sample
55"3840 x 2160 TBCDV550FHM-NN0800MOQ 500 pcs after sample

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