CPT TFT Display

A very popular Taiwanese TFT manufacturer offering an industrial range of TFT panels focused on smaller sizes.

TFT panel driver boards available – VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels

SizePart Number ResolutionBrightnessInterface
4.3"CLAA043JD02 CW480x272 600 cd/m2TTL
5"CLAA050LA0A CW800x480500 cd/m2TTL
5.7"CLAA057VC01 CW640x480 220 cd/m2TTL
7"CLAA070LD0D CW800x480500 cd/m2TTL
7"CLAA070LF0B CW800x480450 cd/m2TTL
7"CLAA070NJ05 CW1024x600500 cd/m2LVDS
7"CLAA070NQ02 XN1024x600350 cd/m2TTL
8"CLAA080LJ01 CW800x480450 cd/m2TTL
8"CLAA080NA12 CW1024x600600 cd/m2LVDS
8"CLAA080XA12 LE1024x768300 cd/m2LVDS
9"CLAA090LD02 CW800x480250 cd/m2TTL
9"CLAA090NA06 CW1024x600500 cd/m2LVDS
10.1"CLAA101ND06 CW1024x600500 cd/m2LVDS
10.1"CLAA101WH13 LE1280x800250 cd/m2LVDS
10.1"CLAA101WH32 CW1280x800450 cd/m2LVDS
10.2"CLAA102ND01 CW1024x600400 cd/m2LVDS
10.4"CLAA104XA02 CW1024x768400 cd/m2LVDS
15"CLAA150XP06 CW1024x768250 cd/m2LVDS
15"CLAA150XP07 CW1024x768350 cd/m2LVDS

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