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CDS’ range of interface boards is designed to give a solution to various application cases for LCD displays.

From entry level, low cost systems, to cutting edge boards with impeccable performance.

The below table gives a quick overview of the features of each board, explore further to see more details on the individual boards.

Spec sheets can also be downloaded as required. If you need any more information please contact us.

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CDS controllers have been used in virtually every conceivable LCD display related application including some of the following:
» Industrial Displays
» Harsh Environment Displays
» Defense and Security
» Avionics, Marine and Rail
» Healthcare Imaging Systems
» Video Broadcast & Studios
» Digital Signage for Retail, Advertising & Information
» Corporate Audio Visual display systems for collaboration
» Interactive displays and kiosks, way-finding
» Architectural display systems


Why CDS?
Many years of partnerships with the leading LCD controller manufacturers, developers
and solution providers for application specific display systems. CDS provides a highly skilled engineering network with customisation and support services, including a wide range of accessories
to complement core products.
» Supports concept, design, prototyping and mass production.
» Provides the engineering expertise and technological bridge to the changes and future
trends within the industry.
» Brings cost effective products to market, so companies don’t have to develop the expertise
themselves while focusing on meeting their own goals.
» Reduces time to market and increases ROI.
» QC – 100% production testing with QA verification.
» Can meet MIL standards and UL, CUL, CE, TUV safety and compliance criteria.








 Board NameIncaPiper-OPiper-SOspreyMerlin IMerlin DSwanCedar
Display Port---
OuputLVDS / TTL√ / -√ / √√ / -√ / -√ / -√ / -√ / -LVDS/eDP/V–one
Input voltage12V / 24V12V12V12V / 24V12V / 24V12V / 24V12V / 24V12V / 24V
LVDSUp to 8 bitUp to 8bitUp to 8bitUp to 8bitUp to 8bitUp to 8bitUp to 10bitUp to 10bit
Max Resolution1920 x 12001920 x 12001920 x 12001920 x 12001920 x 12001920 x 12002560 x 16004096 x 2160
FunctionRS232, IRRS232, IRRS232, IRRS232, IR, LSRS232, IR, LSRS232, IR, LSRS232, LS, PIP, RotateHDMI2.0, DP1.2

*note that this list of boards is not exhaustive and we can offer bespoke design services for projects of more than 500pcs. There are also other interfaces(not listed as standard), that we can offer with additional leagacy inputs, such as CVBS


All standard CDS LCD controller products can be customised either at the production
stage or by our interface cards engineering to suit a particular display application. CDS also
undertake custom layout development for matching controller design to a specific customer
enclosure. The following are some examples, for particular controller models there may be some
technical limitations:
Splash Screen
Brand owners can have their logo shown when the display initiates

OSD Buttons
Standard or custom OSD menu buttons either direct or via RS-232 or LAN

OSD Menus & Functions
OSD menu design and modification as well as addition or removal of functions

OSD Languages
Lock the OSD to your language or have a new language added

Panel Timing & Resolution

Set up timings and support for non-standard panel resolutions

Function Presets
Assign fixed functions to OSD and menu buttons

Input Signals
Customization includes support for non-standard input signals as well as port & signal locking

Testing & Calibration
Testing, certification and calibration services are available to meet industry standards

Although standard cables meet most applications, custom cables are available

Port Naming
Custom port name display

Custom layouts
Custom board layout to match the mechanical requirements of a display enclosure


CDS is known throughout the display industry for the high-end reliability, advanced
functionality and excellent support of its interface card products. We have a proven track record for display system related innovation and on-time and
on-budget project delivery.
Engineering Services
CDS provides display solution related engineering to customers:
» Input signal support
» LCD panel resolution & timing support
» Feature enhancements
» OSD modifications
» Splash screen branding
» Add-on board designs
» Custom controller layouts
» Complete turnkey controller development
Project Management Support
CDS supports display projects of all sizes and phases of development, from prototype to
Quality Control & Reliability
CDS recognises the demanding requirements of target display applications and takes
a holistic approach to quality from specification, design, qualified partners, genuine parts
sourcing, production, quality control and support.
Environmental Standards Compliance & Disclosures
Digital View seeks to meet the ever developing standards for environmental protection as well as
supports customers with disclosure requirements. For example, having conformed with RoHS
we are now implementing compliance with a number of other standards.







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