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Optical bonding



Crystal Display Systems Ltd have increased their optical bonded capability by partnering with leading Optical Bonding (OB) specialist CiVUE Optotech

“Any industrial design which requires a protective cover glass or touchscreen should consider optical bonding as an alternative to the traditional air gap ‘strip’ bonding as the OB advantages ensure a superior product both optically and physically”


  • Increased contrast and viewing angle
  • Bonding of sizes up to 75”
  • UV protection / UV resistance
  • Extended temperature
  • Improved visual quality
  • Fully re-workable
  • No water condensation & contamination
  • Better impact resistance
  • Eliminate the wash-out effect
  • Waterproof



With CiVUE’s proprietary materials and a unique re-workable process, CDS provide solutions that enhance sunlight readability and provide additional ruggedness / vandal resistance. 

The Optical Bonding Technology LucidBond™ & ArmorBond™  is the process of fixing a cover lens, such as anti-reflective glass, or touch panel directly onto a display and eliminating the air gap in between in order to reduce reflectance to as low as 0.2% and dramatically increase contrast ratio in a high ambient light environment.

LucidBond™ is the process of bonding directly onto the display itself and ArmorBond™ the process of laminating the touchscreen to a cover glass to increase ruggedness limiting the optical detriment.

Bonding of displays up to 75”

Optimised range of HB displays

All major manufacturers supported

Low Power

Bezel and bezel-less displays

Transparent and Stretch capability

NVIS modifcation

Wide Temperature

Open Frame design options

Preferred technology PCAP

Multi-touch up to 40 points

Sizes up to 75”

Tuned PCAP controller

Palm rejection

Water detection

Thickness of cover glass

Gloved support

Custom design

Other technologies include

Resistive / SAW /

Surface capacitive / IR

Custom shape

Edge finish

Various glass thickness

Surface finish AR/AG/AFP

UV / IR protection

EMC filter (mesh / ITO)

Glass toughening – Thermal / Chemical

Rear printed – fully BRANDED

No / Low MOQ’s

No / Low Tooling

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