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PCAP Touch Foils

displax touch foil

“CDS is the foremost distribution and Value Added Reseller (VAR) partner for the International manufacturer PCAP Touch foils serving the UK and Europe including technical support and advice, UK stock holding, demonstration samples and laminating facility to support our current and new customers.  CDS is introducing the latest higher quality Multitouch foils technologies and software developments to give the user an improved and more accurate solution. Companies have had to accept the older dual touch technology for foils but that has now changed and the results are staggering. But do not take our word for it and let us show you today.”



Skin DualTouch

displax dual touch

Skin Dual Touch is the World’s first projected capacitive multitouch product for large formats, a mature product with thousands of units currently deployed and working continuously worldwide.

The touch sensor uses a very straightforward form factor, making it easy and quick to integrate in almost any structure. It features a single tail with double connectors which attach a slim touch controller.

A cost effective multitouch solution proven technology with 9ms touch response rate & 2 true independent touches. Can be applied on up to 20 mm glass thickness and sizes range from 20 to 100 inches.

Recently R&D improved to HID with no need for drivers, touch response rate halved as well as immunity against EMI noise from LCD.

skin dual touch

Strengths & Advantages;

  • Smooth edge to edge glass surfaces
  • Resistant to liquids, dust, ice and UV, no deformation over time
  • Being a through glass touch technology, Skin is applied on one side of the glass while the users touch on the other – no wear off of the touch sensor
  • Vandal proof
  • Can be used in harsh environments
  • Uniquely suited for outdoor use or laboratory environments


 Skin Ultra Fit Multitouch Foil

Skin Ultra Fit was designed to be as flexible and as customisable as possible. The goal is to make the integration with the structure as simple and quick as possible. By being totally customisable, it gives creative freedom to design uncommon and appealing structures.

outdoor applications Skin Ultra Fit Multitouch Foil

 Strengths & Advantages;

  • 40 finger touches
  • Finger separation
  • Single USB for power
  • Palm detection
  • Simple plug & play
  • 5ms Touch response rate – the fastest large procap ever
  • 20″ to 105″ – standard and custom sizes


  • Native multitouch support from OS & single touch – Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X
  • Compatible with multiple digital signage players – Windows embedded, Samsung smart signage platform, Brightsign, Spinetix
  • Highly customisable: The flexible flat cables (FFC) can be positioned on any side of the touch sensor and can be manufactured with a longer tail.
  • Available in multiple aspect ratios; 16:9 and 4:3 as standard but 21:9, 16:10 and many others also possible
  • Easy to integrate: The touch sensor uses a short 3 connector flexible flat cable to ensure easy integration. It requires almost no effort for cable routing. The touch controller board has screw holes to allow a more rigid fixation, if wanted.

displax ultra fit2 Skin Ultra Fit Multitouch Foil


  • Broad range of glass thickness: can be laminated on glass up to 15mm in thickness
  • XTR-Shield Plus- latest generation of PCAP’s proprietary noise filtering technology that filters the noise emanated from the display that otherwise would affect the touch detection. As a consequence, the sensor can be placed closer than ever to the display, minimizing the parallax effect caused by the gap between the touch sensor and the screen.
  • Advanced Calibration- You can use just one unit of Skin Ultra Fit on top of two or more displays and still command them seamlessly with touch. With the advanced calibration tool you are able to make a geometric calibration on all the screens covered by the sensor, just as easily as if there was only one display.



Skin Ultra Multitouch Foil

displax Skin Ultra Multitouch Foil

Skin Ultra uses a high resolution conductive grid that detects an extensive number of simultaneous rapidly moving inputs. This, in turn, combined with PCAP enhanced touch algorithms, results in a superior touch experience. The Touch Sensor array is optimized for a 16:9, providing a uniform touch experience across the whole touchscreen area. This optimization results in a more accurate and precise touch detection. Higher touch resolution in the Touch Sensor allows for a smaller distance between fingers.

displax skin ultra

Strengths & Advantages;

  • 100 finger touches
  • 5ms Touch response rate – the fastest large procap ever
  • 30″ to 105″ – any size on the range
  • Can be laminated on glass up to 10mm in thickness

Additional Compared to the Skin Ultra Fit;

  • Optical Transparency- Skin Ultra features a clear and highly transparent touch sensor. Therefore, the display image quality will remain pristine and unaffected, providing an uncompromised viewing experience
  • Single USB for power
  • Can be applied to flat and curved LCDs
  • Enhanced optical visibility with designed conductive grid

displax skin ultra

  • Allows the creation of integrated LCDs, mega tablets, tables, indoor structures and other innovative products of your own design
  • Clearly transparent- For the first time in large size projected capacitive touch, Skin Ultra features a clear and highly transparent touch sensor. Therefore, the display image quality will remain pristine and unaffected, providing an uncompromised viewing experience.
  • Optical Bonding Option- Enhance the readability of your display with optical bonding. By using this method instead of an air gap, you will have less reflection on the glass. With less reflected ambient light, the display will have a better contrast ratio. Increased ruggedness and durability are also benefits from optical bonding.


  • Smart Sensor unique technology that optimizes the touch algorithms for the size of each specific touch sensor. Whether you connect the touch controller to a 30” sensor or to a 105”, it will know and adjust accordingly, to give you the best touch experience possible.
  • Also results in a smaller finger separation and an improved touch experience
  • Flexible Form Factor three option for connection available
  • Palm & Object recognition
  • Pressure sensing 3D Sense is a unique and proprietary pressure detection technique in procap developed by PCAP



Sense (Metal Mesh) MultiTouch on Glass

displax sense Sense (Metal Mesh) MultiTouch on Glass

PCAP Touch Sense is a glass based multi touch module which includes a touch controller and the touch sensor already laminated on a glass. Featuring a uniquely transparent touch sensor, PCAP Touch Sense is perfect for projects where total transparency and vivid images are a requirement.

displax sense touch Sense (Metal Mesh) MultiTouch on Glass

Strengths & Advantages; 

  • 100 finger touches
  • 9ms response rate
  • 55″, 16:9 aspect ratio
  • No moire effect
  • Microscopic mesh width
  • 2K & 4K Optimised


  • Ready to integrate
  • Optical Bonding Option
  • XTR-Shield Plus
  • Palm detection
  • Finger separation
  • Chemically toughened soda lime glass with standard 3.3mm thickness
  • Anti-glare coating to improve vision and reduce reflection and has a black border
  • Anti-stiction treatment for better gesture performance
  • Superb touch experience – enabling leading edge industrial design
  • Enhanced transparency and performance


  • Native multitouch support from OS & single touch – Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X
  • Compatible with multiple digital signage players – Windows embedded, Samsung smart signage platform, Brightsign, Spinetix
  • Metal mesh based touch sensor- Benefiting from latest improvements in conductive nano materials, the Sense touch sensor uses state of the art metal mesh technology for improved optical transparency and touch accuracy.
  • Proven metal mesh Touch sensor uses high conductivity materials, with proven reliability and durability, to ensure long term performance.
  • Features best in class metal mesh transparency combined with extraordinary light transmission for state of the art image visibility.
  • Narrow borders for sleek integration – the sensor has slim borders for the signal lines at the edges and allows for a very small border of non-touch active area

Applications & Examples of Touch Foil Use

The possibilities are endless for these amazing touch foils and new and exciting uses and applications are constantly appearing worldwide.


 Typical Applications

  • Interactive digital signage
  • Multitouch tables
  • Retail- outdoor / indoor kiosks, store windows & mirrors
  • Entertainment / Experience
  • Gaming
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Vending
  • Medical, laboratories


Examples in Shop Windows

These touch foils create the perfect interactive shop window display to grab customer’s attention and entice them in-store.

displax applications shop windows displax Sense (Metal Mesh) MultiTouch on Glass


Some more Unusual Uses of Multitouch Touch Foils

Customers and integrators alike create amazing ideas and concepts which are far from the norm.

lab science displax applications displax Sense (Metal Mesh) MultiTouch on Glass


Unsure of which Product to Take?

If you are unsure of which touch foil product will suit your application the best please take a look at this table of comparisons 

Controllers, Software & Drivers

All readily downloadable here

mirror displax applications displax applications displax Sense (Metal Mesh) MultiTouch on Glass

Touchscreen Foil Lamination

The lamination of the PCAP touchscreens is very easily done as can be seen here “Touchscreen Lamination Process”

Latest Information

For more information please contact us via email us or call our UK office on +44 (0) 1634 327420 where a member of our highly experienced sales team will be more than happy to help you.


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