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Projected Capacitive touch screen technology works off of an electrostatic field that is created by layers of conductive materials that are individually etched to form a grid pattern of electrodes. A touch event occurs when a finger or conductive stylus interferes with the electric field projected above the surface. This change in capacitance is detected by the controller which interprets the X and Y coordinates of the event. Multiple fingers can be tracked simultaneously and the controller supports common multi-touch gestures.


ㆍUp to 65″ / 84″ available
ㆍMulti touch (10 points, 40 points)
ㆍNo moire and invisible wire
ㆍ0.5mm gap between LCD and touch sensors
ㆍVariety glass option supported
-Mirror glass, AF, etc.
-Custom size and shapes of coverglass
ㆍHigh Speed response time
ㆍMarker objective sensor readable


Technology PCAP – Metal Mesh
Available Sizes(diagonal) 18.5 inch ~ 65 inch
(Customization is available)
Multi-touch point 10 & 40 points
Glass Optional Clear (Light transmission of up to 91%)
or Anti Flare (gloss 90 ~ 130%, haze 5 +/-2)
Mirror glass, AF (anti-finger),
Custom sizes/shapes available
Thickness Up to 12mm
Minimum Touch Object 8mm for finger, 3mm for conductive stylus
Touch Response Time 5~16ms depends on touch points number
Touch Input Method Finger, gloved or ungloved, Conductive stylus
Sealability Ability to be NEMa4, 12 and IP65 compliant


Operating Voltage DC 4.6V ~ 5.25V
Power Supply USB Powered
Power USB : ≤ 2.5W
Interface USB2.0, HID Compliant Plug & Play
Operating Systems Windows7, 8, Linux, Android
Mac (needed driver install)


Humidity Operating : -20℃~ +60℃
Operating : 10% ~ 90%RH @ 40℃(Non-condensing)
Storage : 10% ~ 95% RH (Non-condensing)

Check out our PCAP touch overlay in action as below being tested with a customers custom deigned covered glass.


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