Transparent Stretched Displays

Transparent Stretched Displays

Transparent Stretched displays are now available from CDS.

Due to the increased demand for both stretched displays ( click here for more details) and transparent LCD displays, we are now offering stretched transparent LCD models; a 17.2″ solution 29.3″ and a 38″ solution.

Stretched ClearVue Showcases

Part NumberDescriptionBrightnessResolutionBacklightOuter Dimensions (mm)
SCV172V117.2" Transparent Stretched LCD Showcase500 cd/m²1366 x 512LED432.9  x 179.9 x 224.5
SCV293V129.3" Transparent Stretched LCD Showcase350 cd/m²1366 x 512LED802.2 x 323.9 x 271.6
SCV380V138" Transparent Stretched LCD Showcase400 cd/m²1920 x 502 LED1024.3 x 304.6 x 349

17.2 transparent stretched Transparent Stretched Displays

*Displays are also available in panel only and panel kit format

*Custom transparent showcases are available on request

Transparent Stretched Displays

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