sunlight readble displays outdoors

From small displays for portable industrial applications, to large professional advertising displays for outdoor use, we offer a wide variety of hibrite sunlight readable LCD display solutions and industrial hi-brite LCD TFT displays for applications in direct sunlight.

There are different hibrite TFT panel technologies available to achieve sunlight readability in environments with very bright ambient environments, with brightness up to 5000 nits! The most common way is to upgrade the backlight to dramatically increase brightness with our high-quality LED backlights. However, we also have factory manufactured super high bright panelsfeaturing optical bonding technology in order to make our TFT panels sunlight readable.

Although high brightness displays will generate more heat and use more power than a traditional LCD ours utilise the latest low power high bright LEDs to keep power consumption to a minimum.

Red Text: Ultra HD Hibrites

SizeBrightness (cd/m²)ResolutionOperating Temp.(°C)View angle (H/V)Contrast ratio
7.0"1200800x480-30 ~ 85160/1601000:1
8.4"1000800x600-20 ~ 70160/140600:1
8.4"1200/1500800x600-30 ~ 85160/140600:1
10.4"1200/2500800x600-30 ~ 80160/130700:1
10.4"1200/25001024x768-30 ~ 80178/1783000:1
12.1"1200/1500800x600-30 ~ 85160/140700:1
12.1"1200/15001024x768-30 ~ 85160/160700:1
15.0"1200/15001024x7680 ~ 65160/140700:1
15.0"1200/15001024x768-30 ~ 70160/140700:1
15.0"25001024x7680 ~ 65160/140700:1
15.6" W10001366x7680 ~ 60170/160500:1
17.0"12001280x10240 ~ 50170/1601000:1
17.0"16001280x1024-30 ~ 85160/140800:1
18.5" W12001366x7680 ~ 50170/1601000:1
19.0"1200/15001280x10240 ~ 50170/1601000:1
19.0"12001280x1024-30 ~ 85170/1601000:1
21.5" W1200/16001920x10800 ~ 50170/1601000:1
21.5" W1200/15001920x10800 ~ 50178/1783000:1
23.8"10002560x14400 ~ 50178/178T.B.D
23.8"12001920x10800 ~ 50170/1601000:1
24.0" W1200/15001920x10800 ~ 50170/1601000:1
27.0"10002560x14400 ~ 50178/178T.B.D
27.0"10003840x2100 ~ 50178/1781000:1
27.0" W650/10001920x10800 ~ 50178/1781000:1
27.0" W12001920x10801000:1178/1783000:1
32.0"1200/20001920x10800 ~ 50178/1781100:1
32.0"1200/20001920x10800 ~ 50178/1781300:1
42.0"1200/15001920x10800 ~ 50178/1781300:1
42.0"12001920x10800 ~ 50178/1784000:1
26.5"12001920x19200 ~ 50178/1781000:1

To get a clear image under the sunlight, the brightness on the display should be over 700cd/㎡,with good contrast and ideally 1000cd/m². This is because the illumination of ambient daylight is around 30,000㎡(107,600 LUX). Our high brightness LCDs are possible up to 2,500㎡ and designed with propiatary technologies and produced at our well-equipped factory.

Features include; enhanced high brightness panel (LED backlight) to ensure optimum readability at extreme environments, and an LED Driver to offer the advantages of high uniformity, low EMI noise and power consumption, long life and halogen free.
Our high brightness products have been installed in locations around the world for the outdoor applications such as outdoor KIOSK, Fuel pumps, Vending machine, Outdoor ATM, Military, Marine etc.

Optical Bonding

 Sunlight Readable Displays outdoors

Alternatively, Optical Bonding is a great technology for sunlight readability.

Optical Bonding is a process in which an optical gel is bonded between your LCD and a cover glass or touchscreen.

The gel behind the glass stops any condensation, strengthens the front glass, and also improves sunlight readability.

It also keeps power and heat down as does not affect the backlight in any way.

Here is a comparison:

optical-bonding Sunlight Readable Displays outdoors

Brightness, heat and power remain due to the Optical Bonding gel, it also dramatically reduces reflection:

optical bonding Sunlight Readable Displays outdoors

We offer a comprehensive range of actively enhanced Sunlight Readable displays designed to operate in high ambient light conditions.

Our displays outperform commercial products that washout in sunlit conditions. Superior quality and readability make these displays an ideal solution for factory automation, marine/mobile and process control applications.

Our proprietary backlighti technology was developed for displays requiring a luminance level of at least 700 nits (cd/m²) as required for outside viewing.

Other improvements include significantly reduced power consumption, increased reliability and extended lifetime of the display system.

To discuss your sunlight readable applications, please contact us.

TFT panel driver boards available – VGA, DVI and video input cards to drive a wide range of TFT panels. Check out our interface boards here

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