Take a look at this amazing transparent display created by mdesign for the National Trust at Cragside House, Northumberland.

The installation is titled ‘The Magic of Lord Armstrong’s Laboratory’, the Spark returns to Cragside (after 120 years).

The main premise of the installation is that the experiments documented in Lord Armstrong’s publication ‘Electrical Movement in Air and Water’ are being reconstructed in front of your very eyes by Mr Britton and Mr Moore from within the Spark Cabinet.

The centrepiece in the room is referred to as ‘The Spark Cabinet’


The spark cabinet has 5 features/events which are reconstructions of Lord Armstrong’s work. The titles are as following;

  • The Leyden Jars – Here the narrators Britton and Moore introduce the Magic of Lord Armstrong’s Laboratory.
  • The Wine Glass Experiment – a reconstruction of electrical movement in water.
  • The Infinite Wimshurst – Britton and Moore’s modified Wimshurst, generating electrical charge for the reconstructions.
  • The Spark Experiment – A reconstruction of electrical movement in air narrated by Mr Britton.
  • The Top Hat – above the cabinet floats a disc capturing sparks with a display of wondrous discharge patterns.

The presentation of the reconstruction draws on the parallel evolution of Victorian Magic and Science. During the 1800’s there was a deep fascination with science and also magic. Many inventors and scientists were being called magicians and many magicians were using science to produce ever impossible illusions. Both the performance of the latest sensational illusion and demonstrations of the most recent developments in science were presented to the Victorian public with theatre and showmanship. We have used early illusion techniques such as peppers ghost, bottled heads, and infinity mirrors along with a large dose of modern technology to present the experiments.

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