12.1 inch Outdoor Display: a TFT that Adapts to Extreme Environments

Embrace a new era of visual excellence with a display that is as versatile as it is powerful – the 12.1” Outdoor Environment TFT LCD.

Introducing our 12.1 inch Outdoor Display– a display designed to conquer the elements. Boasting a 12.1” IPS TFT LCD with a traditional 4:3 aspect ratio, this industry-standard marvel offers a high resolution of 1024(RGB) x 768, setting the stage for unparalleled clarity and precision.

But what truly sets this 12.1” Outdoor Environment TFT LCD apart is its ability to operate in extreme environments. With a remarkable brightness of 1600 cd/m², the display firstly ensures full sunlight viewing. This makes it an ideal solution for applications requiring optimal display performance under the sun’s radiant glow. Couple that with a wide operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C, and you have a display that thrives in the harshest conditions, earning its title as a display for all seasons.

Key Spec Info for the 12.1 inch Outdoor Display

  • 12.1” IPS TFT LCD – industry standard size and format.
  • Traditional 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • High resolution 1024(RGB) x 768 (industry standard).
  • Full sunlight viewing with a 1600 cd/m² brightness.
  • Wide operating temperature range of -30°C ~ +85°C makes the display an idea solution for applications requiring the display to operate at both ends of the temperature spectrum.
  • Ultra-Wide Viewing – 85°/85°/85°/85° viewing angles.
  • 260.5(H) x 204.0(V) x 8.6(D)mm Outline.
  • 245.76(H) x 184.32(V)mm Active Area.
  • Very common/popular 6/8-Bit LVDS interface.

Key Benefits for the 12.1 inch Outdoor Display

  • A display for all seasons.
  • Suitable for marine, auto/aero, medical, military, and heavy industry applications.
  • Brightness, contrast, viewing angles and a 16.2M colour palette all combine to produce a great optical performance in all light conditions including full sunlight.
  • No compromise on image quality and display performance in both hot and cold environments.
  • Reliable and consistent performance under challenging conditions.

Innovative and adaptable the 12.1 inch Outdoor Display transcends industry standards.

Moreover, its ability to thrive in challenging conditions – from the scorching heat of +85°C to the freezing cold of -30°C – positions it as a reliable companion for applications where consistency and performance are non-negotiable. Its vast benefits and high spec means that it is cut out to cater to the diverse needs of marine, auto/aero, medical, military, and heavy industry applications.

With ultra-wide viewing angles, a vibrant 16.2M colour palette, and a common/popular 6/8-Bit LVDS interface, the Outdoor Environment TFT LCD leaves no room for compromise.

Whether navigating the open seas, soaring through the skies, or operating in the heart of heavy industries, the 12.1” Outdoor Environment TFT LCD emerges as a beacon of reliability. Not only this but it delivers impeccable image quality and display performance in every corner of the globe and under every conceivable condition.

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