We have launched our newly updated 23.6” circular LCD monitor, now using the BOE panel with a higher resolution (previously using the 848×848 AUO panel).

Key Features:

  • High performance BOE TFT LCD monitor providing a high-quality screen image 1280×1280 resolution
  • Supporting VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs
  • Wide input resolution range up to Full HD (1920 x 1080@60Hz)
  • Optional LED halo surround to make the circle stand out even more than it already does
  • Optional PCAP touch glass for an interactive experience for your users

Circular LCD display monitors are relatively new to the display industry, but interest has come from across the board.

Firstly, designers have been interested in circular displays for retail with digital signage displays with a difference. Secondly commercial designers have been curious in our 23.6” Circular Monitors for digital art applications, museum installs and more. Lastly, gaming machine designers have peaked attentiveness for game toppers, wheel of fortunes, roulette wheels and more.

Not only this but we also have a range of small format round LCDs for industrial applications, please see here – https://crystal-display.com/cds-increases-its-range-of-small-format-round-displays/

The Future for Round LCD Monitors

Right now, we have the one size, 23.6 inches but we are confident that due to the success of this size that we will be launching more options in the future.

Special sized displays are continuously popular in modern installs where everyone is looking for something new that will be eye-catching.

Here at CDS we are well known for offering niche displays as well as our bespoke industrial monitors.

In addition to the circular monitor, we have square and stretched designs. Available as panels and kits, open frame designs, and enclosed chassis monitors. All with PCAP touch options too.

Interested in stretched LCD monitors? Please visit – https://crystal-display.com/products/ultra-wide-stretched-cut-displays/

How about square LCD monitors? Check out – https://crystal-display.com/products/cds-square-lcd-displays/

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