48 cm (19“) 5:4 TFT with an extended temperature range

There was always a demand for large sized TFTs with an extended temperature range in the industrial market. But up to now there was no product available. Sharp is the first manufacturer who offers a 48 cm (19”) TFT,  LQ 190E1LW01X , with an extended temperature range of –15°C…+70°C (storage temperature range –20…+75°C).

The design of the TFT is based on the, in the market established LQ190E1LW02 and is mechanically and electrically compatible to the current version. Besides the extended temperature range the TFT has very good optical characteristics.

Based on the ASV-technology the TFT has a perfect viewing angle of 85° in all directions. The contrast is specified with 900:1 and the brightness with 300 cd/m². The life time of the CCFL-lamp is guaranteed with 50K hours.

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