Aiding Social Distancing with Digital Signage

A few months ago, the term “social distancing” was unheard of and now it looks like it is a measure that is here to stay, unfortunate for social interaction but essential for preventing the spread of contagious diseases.

Here at CDS we are strongly supporting the importance of social distancing and offering our full digital signage range as an aid for clients to notify and remind their customers, visitors and service users to maintain that predominant physical distance.

Some social distance prompt options from our range include:

  • Slimline Posters – aesthetically pleasing android advertising displays with edge-to-edge glass
  • Slimline Freestanding Posters – sleek and standalone space-saving android solution
  • E-Paper (E-Ink) – paper-like displays with an unbeatable high contrast appearance whilst having an ultra-low power consumption, lasting weeks on one charge
  • Ultra-Wide stretched monitors – high brightness and unique resolutions and aspect ratios to grab attention and stand out to separate the crowds!

But the possibilities are endless, you can utilise any of our displays!

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