Did you know CDS specialize in designing, manufacturing, and marketing Industrial Boxed PCs and Panel PCs? Including (but not limited to):

  • Mini Box PCs
  • Capacitive Touch PCs
  • Resistive Touch PCs
  • IP65 & IP66 Touch PCs
  • Embedded / Wall mounted Touch PCs
  • Desktop Panel PC
  • and custom designs for bespoke applications.

Professional and innovative product development means CDS can deliver reliable and optimised industrial Box PCs and Panel PCs to our clients worldwide.

Our goal is to offer high quality industrial computers at the most affordable prices.

  • flat edge to edge glass with a slim and sleek design, compact and lightweight
  • high performance PC systems (processor, graphics, memory, and power)
  • highly robust, sturdy aluminium casting craftmanship
  • completely flush aluminium front designs
  • IP65 & IP66 water and dust proof front panels
  • capacitive 10 finger multitouch (resisitive touch also available)
  • anti-glare treated (chemical etched) glass
  • wide variety of connectors including USB for touch, HDMI, VGA, and audio inputs
  • top-quality industrial LCD panel
  • low power consumption
  • low heat
  • low / high temperature resistant
  • vibration and shock resistant
  • silent fan-less cooling system to ensure long-term operation and stable heat dissipation

Continuously Innovating and Developing Industrial Computers

CDS plays a pioneering role in the development and production of industrial computers with state-of-the-art technology coupled with an elegant design. Why work with us?

✔ CDS provide industrial computers with optimised robust design, highly reliable, powerful, high quality, and attractive prices.

✔ We can customise our touch PCs and industrial PCs to your individual needs, to give flexibility

✔ Our expertise in the field leads us to satisfy the customers with our designs and the products that we provide

✔ Quick responses to customers before or after sales service, offering a short lead time and unassailable support

Industrial Boxed PCs and Panel PCs for every application

Our industrial computers are applied in a wide variety of harsh environments and demanding applications, such as:

✔ factories

✔ food processing

✔ transportation

✔ digital signage

✔ medical

✔ defence

✔ oil and gas workstation

✔ automation control

✔ pharmaceutical and so on.

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