Braun show Transparent (Display) side to WOW visitors

Braun utilised transparent Display technology (translucent panels) showcases from Crystal Display Systems to add a sense of excellence and quality at their stand at Baselworld in Basel, Switzerland.


As you can see from the videos below the high quality graphics with excellent content enabled the products to appear and disappear at will, which wooed and amazed the visitors and passers by.  Nothing else can do this is such a small package!


This high tech  but affordable technology combined with the excellence and detail of the Braun timepieces was mentioned by an onlooker as a”match made in heaven, and created that WOW factor he had not seen in a long time.”



CDS offers custom content for many products and applications  as well as these well crafted smooth sleek brushed aluminium translucent showcases.  Imagine what can be achieved with your product or service?


Transparent Display kits only (no housing) click here.


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