CDS Display Corner – Sleek 43 inch Curved 1500R Display with Round Edges

Curved, sleek and ready for action

WOW, we are impressed with ourselves and our brand new 43 inch curved design which we have developed for one of our gaming customers. This design has been created for a portrait gaming machine application and we are excited to share it with you.

A 1500mm curve may not be the extreme curvature that will please everyone, but for this project we had a strict price point to meet with our 43 inch curved, and 1500mm was the best way to meet it. We feel other customers will benefit too from this lower cost curved solution as many curved projects are hindered right at the start due to high costs.

CDS 43 inch curved with border
Super sleek, curved radius edges for a quality finish
CDS 43 inch curved commercial
Not just for gaming applications, suitable for commercial also

43 inch curved with custom design features

Including a specially designed tooled glass – for this project, looking sleek was key and so we developed a custom cover glass, also with PCAP touch screen for an interactive addition. Not only this, but we also added a modification of curved radius corners, offering a very modern look compared to standard square edges.

The 43 inch curved monitored includes several inputs – DP, HDMIx2, USB, and USB for touch for ease in installation and flexibility for connecting to PC / media player etc. The display also has full AC voltage power built in.

We are showing off our brand-new creation via our “CDS Display Corner” YouTube channel. Here you can find many “raw” displays demonstration videos. Here at CDS, we strongly believe seeing is believing and with our very honest and live demo videos you cannot get a truer picture of our display expertise, quality, key product features etc. Please check out the below video and let us know what you think.

Exciting things to come

There are multiple versions available for the 43 inch curved right now, and we are currently working on a larger version. A 49” curved is currently being designed and a smaller 32” with 1800mm radius is also in early development stages.

If you have any queries for a new design for your project, please contact us today to discuss.

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