CDS introduces its own personalised displays questionnaire to send to customers with new projects. Firstly, this simple set of questions ensures the right information is gathered at the front end of a client’s project. Secondly, it ensures the smooth development of the project and guarantees no mistakes are made at the front end.

Thirdly, the CDS displays questionnaire has helped CDS save its customers time and money which has made projects with us more cost effective. Moreover, reducing the time to market allowing our customers to move more quickly than their competition. In conclusion, CDS becomes an integral part of that company’s logistics chain resulted in a clear competitive answer all because they came to CDS first.

We have found that by asking our customers to answer a list of questions, regarding their new requirement for their project at the start, solidates the scope for them. Many customers may not have considered many of the questions that we ask and so it aids them in their specification process.

Not only this, but we can also advise the customer at the front end regarding what technology is available and more suitable for them and their project. For instance, if a customer has a project for an outdoor locker, we can suggest that they outline a display with optical bonding, an ambient light sensor, and depending on location, a high TNI panel.

Many customers come on to us with an idea and then after the questionnaire have a completely different display in mind. In conclusion, we are here to support our customers with the specification and design of their display. They may think they have a clear scope, but we have the advantage of years in the industry and as a result can improve their display, to save them trouble years down the line when they have installed something which is not fit for purpose.

Bespoke display offerings from CDS

Resulting from the questionnaire can be the realisation that a standard offering is not going to cut it for certain projects. This is where CDS excel with their OEM custom displays for customers with bespoke requirements.

This can be due to the application and environment meaning special amendments are needed, for example, custom cover glass, ruggedised touchscreens, industrial PCs, etc.

We can custom design your monitor from the beginning, so you have the perfect display for you.

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