Halo and Curved Displays Soak Test

The soak testing as seen in the image above consists of two gaming projects ready to be shipped out. Our 43” non-touch curved LCD monitors as well as our 27” Halo monitors with PCAP touch interaction.

43 inch Curved Displays 

The 43” curved displays being tested thoroughly here are going to be used for our customers’ new gaming application. For this exciting new venture, our customer needed something a little bit different from the standard design. To meet the project requirements and the needs of our customer we have created a bespoke design. This includes a modified bezel, speaker extension cables, and an additional protective Hard Coat film over the TFT display. This creates a unique solution for our customer which is based on our impressive, curved LCD range but now more durable, rugged, and reliable for the application as requested.

We can custom design our display ranges here at CDS to suit your needs and project.

27″ Halo Monitors

The 27” PCAP touch interactive HALO monitors are also being used for a gaming application. One of the advantages of our Halo Monitor range is that the LED’s can be controlled via RS232 / USB. Consequently, the LEDs are able to interact with the game in play.  Here at CDS we can also supply control software so that our clients can present the LED colour / motions to their customers. This is just one way where we look to support our customers so that they can benefit from the new technology and new product lines that we introduce.

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