Crystal Display Systems Ltd have increased their optical bonded capability by partnering with leading Optical Bonding (OB) specialist CiVUE Optotech

“Any industrial design which requires a protective cover glass or touchscreen should consider optical bonding as an alternative to the traditional air gap ‘strip’ bonding as the OB advantages ensure a superior product both optically and physically”


  • Increased contrast and viewing angle
  • Bonding of sizes up to 75”
  • UV protection / UV resistance
  • Extended temperature
  • Improved visual quality
  • Fully re-workable
  • No water condensation & contamination
  • Better impact resistance
  • Eliminate the wash-out effect
  • Waterproof

More recently the process of Optical Bonding has become more popular method of enhancement.  This is a process of filling the airgap with an optical gel thus eliminating the gap and reducing the internal reflections.

optical bonding displays

CDS take a project management approach to all optical bonding requirement, every aspect of the design needs to be fully understood to ensure that the end solution adheres to the brief and gives a premium solution.


Markets that have seen major benefits in using Optical Bonding include

  • Military
  • Marine
  • Kiosk
  • Transportation
  • Process Control
  • Medical

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