Crystal Displays Systems (CDS) is proud to introduce its new range of TFT LCD Displays with Unique Characteristics. Modules that far exceed the standard characteristics of your everyday TFT LCDs. These TFT panels have been designed with specific unique characteristics that meet the critical requirements of certain market sectors and applications.

Unique Characteristics including High end colour gamut for high end applications

First, many of the TFT LCD Displays with Unique Characteristics have ultra-wide colour gamut for applications such as high-end broadcast of related camera displays etc. where the differentiation of colours and shades is vital. Additionally, there are even options in the range with 100% colour gamut! Not only this, but many also combine this with extreme operating temperatures of -20 to +70 C, and wider storage temperatures from -40 and up to +85 C.

Optimised low power to ultra-high brightness

Brightness ranges from an optimised low power 400cd up to an amazing 2,500cd in small format TFTs, all from a remarkable edge lit LED backlight. There are other brightness’s below (in table) as you can see including 700 and 1,000cd resulting in a brightness level that is ideal for your applications, all depending on whether power consumption or sunlight readability is critical for you and your application. The CDS technical team understand and appreciate that high brightness without high contrast is almost pointless, with this in mind our displays have high contrast ratios of up to 1500:1, resulting in the best most eye-catching optical performances of any displays currently available on the market.

Unique high resolutions for such small displays

As you will know resolutions on such panels are critical and often limited on standard everyday LCD displays, consequently the CDS range offers you options that you did not have before. You can see a full table of the new display offerings as below but for example, we can offer you a Full HD (FHD) 5” displays (yes 5”!), and ultra-high resolution 1920 x 1200 widescreen 7” TFT (yes only 7” with such resolution!). You may even need a 4K (3840×2160) display but in a smaller format than normally available in TV size displays, well, CDS can offer you an amazing 13.3” 4K display with 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Model NumberDisplay SizeDescriptionResolutionInterfaceBrightnessContrast RatioNTSC Colour Gamut RatioOp TempStorage TempBacklight
CL104-0151.54″1.54″ TFT LCD 240 x 240SPI450 nits-20 to 70C -30 to 80CEdge Lit
CL131-0505″5″ 3:4 TFT LCD768 x 1024MIPI6501000:172%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CEdge Lit
CL146-0505″5″ High Bright, Wide Colour Gamut TFT LCD1080 x 1920MIPI2,5001500:197%-20 to 70C-20 to 70CEdge Lit
CL145-0707″7″ TFT800 x 480RGB400500:150%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CEdge Lit
CL133-070 7″7″ Day Bright TFT LCD 1200 x 1920 MIPI7001300:176%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CEdge Lit
CLK1337″CL133 HDMI INPUT/USBC Touch, Driver Kit1200 x 1920 HDMI/USBC 7001300:176%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CEdge Lit
CL157-0707″7″ High Bright TFT LCD 1200 x 1920MIPI15001300:176%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CEdge Lit
CLK1577″CL157 HDMI INPUT/USBC Touch, driver kit1200 x 1920HDMI/USBC 15001300:176%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CEdge Lit
CL132-070 7″7″ High Bright, Wide Colour Gamut TFT LCD1200 x 1920MIPI25001300:1102%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CEdge Lit
CLK132 7″CL132 HDMI INPUT/USBC Touch, driver kit1200 x 1920HDMI/USBC 25001300:1102%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CEdge Lit
CL121-0707″7″ MiniLED Local Dimming LCD1200 x 1920MIPI3000 peak10M:1110%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CFALD
CLK1217″CL121 HDMI INPUT/USBC Touch, driver kit1200 x 1920 HDMI/USBC 3000 peak10M:1110%-20 to 70C-30 to 80CFALD
CL111-13313.3″13.3″ UHD MiniLED Local Dimming LCD3840×2160 eDP 2500 peak10M:1105%0 to 50C-20 to 60CFALD
CLK11113.3″CL111 DisplayPort INPUT Driver Kit 3840×2160 Display Port 2500 peak10M:1105%0 to 50C-20 to 60CFALD
CL105-23823.8″24″ High Bright, Wide Colour Gamut TFT LCD 3840×2160 eDP1300900:1105%0 to 50C-20 to 60CEdge Lit

CDS help you interface our TFT LCD Displays with Unique Characteristics with ease

This new range of TFT LCD displays with unique characteristics come with the standard interfaces including MiPi, SPI, RGB, DisplayPort and eDP. However, to aid our customers and increase our flexibility of interfacing we are also offering proprietary interface boards which allow you to simply interface via the HDMI / USBC inputs. If you would like more information on this interface board, then please just contact us.

For more information and an overview of our interfacing solutions our interface board page is very useful here:

Full active LED dimming backlighting

Another major development, available on most of the new range, is the full active LED dimming backlighting which is a technology improvement on edge lit displays. This new technology allows you to control certain parts of the screen and to optimize colours and shades.

You can still dim our edge-lit backlight products, by sending the right signals, but all the LEDs dim at once. This is what we call global dimming. Local dimming is drastically different from traditional edge-lit backlights in that the backlight is an array of LEDs pointing at the user like a direct backlight, but the difference is that each LED is individually controlled. The video input signal is received by our board and then it splits it. 

On one side, it pushes the video to the LCD layer but on the other side, it processes the video, decides what the best brightness should be for each and every section of the LCD (divided into zones) based upon the image that is on it. Then it tells each LED what brightness to be for optimisation. The result is that the blacks are darker, the whites are brighter, and everything in between is more in tune with what they should be. And this is happening 60 times per second, wow, what a performance for optimization process!

What are the advantages of this backlighting system?

You can achieve true HDR (High-dynamic-range) and can exceed HDR1000* specs.  The dynamic contrast ratio is virtually unlimited and as you can see can reach 10 Million to one (10M:1) and you can achieve peak brightness that’s daylight readable but have the colour and brightness depth of an OLED display.  We are seeing great interest in these displays in areas such as broadcast, medical and automotive industries as they value the quality of the image and performance that standard TFTs cannot offer.

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