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CDS Offer Alternatives to The EOL Mitsubishi LCD Panels

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Crystal Display Systems (CDS) is proactively addressing challenges stemming from Mitsubishi’s LCD production unit closure. Partnering with Taiwan, CDS engineers a compatible range, offering 27 modules as precise alternatives to Mitsubishi’s products. This simplifies transitions, requiring no changes in mechanics, cabling, interface timing, or temperature specs, making CDS a reliable solution provider with backward compatibility support for existing systems.

CDS Range of Mitsubishi Panels

Offering enhancements over alternatives, some models in the CDS range offer improved viewing angles and slightly higher brightness compared to the original Mitsubishi parts. A perfect offering for our customers looking not just for replacements but for potential enhancements to their current systems.

Beyond mere replacement solutions, CDS demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction by addressing the void left by Mitsubishi’s departure from the LCD production business. Our ability to meet the evolving needs of customers during this transition underscores our dedication to providing unwavering support wherever possible.

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CDS Solutions for customers

The solutions offered by CDS are meticulously crafted starting from the LCD cell. This approach ensures a seamless and consistent supply chain, as we have direct control over the overall design. Managing the design from the LCD cell onward allows us to secure the foundational component and shape the design around it, resulting in a more reliable and stable product.

As a medium-sized manufacturer, we steer clear of the pitfalls often encountered by larger manufacturers who tend to align their product range with broader market trends. This approach frequently leads to End-of-Life (EOL) issues and design changes. In contrast, CDS has a track record of serving numerous customers for over 15 years, providing displays where the last one supplied mirrors the first.

What is a TFT Panel?

A TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) panel is a type of technology used in flat-panel displays, including LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens. The TFT technology is employed to enhance image quality and response times in comparison to earlier technologies like passive matrix displays.

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