CDS Offers companies Open Cell LCD TFTs so they can save cost and have greater flexibility of design.

Many customers do not like the design of TFT LCD modules and prefer the flexibility of open cell TFT glass panel and CDS is assisting them with that by working with our major suppliers such as Samsung etc. to give our customers exactly what they want.

open cell TFT with Tabs im

Some of our customers are now taking open cell to reduce cost, reduce thickness of their machine, and to focus on developing their own specific backlights for their particular vertical market, as well as some other reasons.  CDS has added value to them as other suppliers were not interested in helping them with open cell products but rather wanted to continue to offer the traditional TFTs.

But what is an Open Cell LCD TFT?

Basically, Open Cell is just a part of LCD panel without backlight.

CDS BOE open cell

As before, SAMSUNG,BOE and other famous suppliers of LCD panel supply complete finished LCD panels, which can be relatively expensive  and as customer requirements have become more specific which led to the Open Cell solution offering the right companies with the right capabilities the opportunity to decrease their material costs.  The use of the Open Cell solution is growing  as companies can decrease costs but also thickness of the final solution which is becoming more critical for certain applications.  The Open Cell Solution products are becoming a significant trend in the LCD industry now, but clearly the company must have the handling and integration capability for these more fragile Displays!

The open frame before going through final testing

boe displays before testing

The breakdown of the open cell TFT LCD

breakdown of open cell

To enquire about open cell TFT options please email with details of your project and capabilities so we can support you and your company in the best way possible.

Lead-times and Minimum Order Quantities may apply so please discuss your project and requirements with our technical sales team.

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