We have created a brand new Frequently Asked Questions document for our complete range of transparent LCD displays. Relating to our full range of transparent (translucent) display technology – panel display kits, showcase boxes, fridges, 3DP models and more.

Over the years we have been constantly asked similar questions by customers who have never seen or experienced the technology before and so we thought this document would be a great initial first step for those planning to use transparent technology in their designs.

Designed to help and aid companies and individuals that are considering utilising transparent display technology in their products, design and applications based on our many years of experience with transparent displays and solutions.

Transparent LCD Displays FAQs includes

  • how it works
  • general notes on how to get the best of transparent displays in design installation and fabrication
  • backlighting advise
  • how to upload content 
  • touch interaction info
  •  and so much more.



Some advantages of our range of transparent LCD displays include:

  • Longer term availability as we design and manufacture the metal frames so even if the original panel goes obsolete, we can use a new panel within the SAME mechanical dimensions
  • High reliability interface solution which has VGA, HDMI as well as simple USB inputs to give flexibility
  • IR and PCAP touch screen options for all transparent LCD displays
  • With longer term availability spares and repairs are much more practical
  • Standard and custom transparent showcase boxes available
  • We supply our displays with industrial grade electronics and cables to ensure reliability and quality

Ultimately, here at CDS we aim to offer a high-quality product, with longer term availability and reliability with a full after sales service.

We have a total of 66 questions answered in this Transparent LCD Displays FAQs document. Why not add to them?

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WOW FACTOR GUARANTEED – transparent LCD displays offer something different, unique, and after years in the market people are still pleasantly WOWed by them!

SIMPLE PLUG ‘N’ PLAY – complicated and innovative looking technology does not actually need to be difficult. Transparent displays work like another other!

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