Crystal Display Systems (CDS) Unveils Exciting New VUE Range

Break free from limitations and explore limitless possibilities with our versatile VUE range. Your vision, our innovation!

We are proud to announce the launch of our highly anticipated VUE range of displays. With a commitment to delivering top-tier technology, unmatched quality, and distinct branding, CDS aims to meet the diverse needs of customers across various industries and applications.

CDS Streamline their Offerings with the VUE Range

The VUE range encompasses a diverse selection of display groups, each meticulously designed to cater to specific requirements and sectors. Here’s a glimpse of what the VUE ranges include:

  1. CrystalVUE: Elevate your open frame industrial displays with crystal-clear, high-quality monitors designed to deliver stunning visuals and exceptional performance for demanding applications.
  2. CasinoVUE: Immerse yourself in intuitive touch interaction with ultra-responsive touchscreen displays tailored for the casino environment, perfect for interactive kiosks, gaming machines, and sports betting.
  3. StretchVUE: Transform your visual experiences with immersive stretched displays, ideal for advertising, digital signage, and various industrial and interactive installations.
  4. CircleVUE: Break free from traditional rectangular displays with innovative circular screens, creating captivating visual displays for retail, hospitality, and architectural applications.
  5. SquareVUE: Explore new possibilities with versatile square displays, offering unique configurations and creative layouts for dynamic content presentation.

Bringing Vision to Life

  1. HaloVUE: Illuminate your surroundings with striking halo displays, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, popular in casinos but versatile for other environments.
  2. CurvedVUE: Immerse yourself in panoramic views with curved displays, delivering immersive entertainment, gaming, and simulation experiences.
  3. ClearVue: Experience displays like no other with transparent LCD displays, offering superior visual experiences where viewers can see through the displays into a showcase box, revealing products in a magical way.
  4. 3DPVUE: Elevating transparency further, the transparent 3DP takes displays to the next level with a dual-layered screen creating a 3D effect.
Unparalleled quality and innovation
  1. EmbeddedVUE: Streamline operations with integrated panel PCs, combining powerful computing capabilities with high-quality displays for seamless control and monitoring across various industries.
  2. BrightVUE: Ensure unbeatable clarity and visibility in high ambient environments with high brightness and high-definition displays, providing crisp images and vibrant colours even in sunlight.
  3. OutdoorVUE: Take displays outside confidently with CDS’s range of waterproof monitors, ensuring performance even in the most demanding environments.
  4. WindowVUE: Double your advertising space with dual-sided window displays featuring a sleek and lightweight design, enhancing the overall appeal of your display.

“At CDS, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable display solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Chris Bartram, Managing Director at CDS. “With the launch of our VUE range, we are proud to showcase our commitment to quality, clarity, and customer satisfaction. Each display group within the VUE range reflects our dedication to providing tailored solutions that add real value to our customers’ end products.”

The VUE range epitomizes CDS’s dedication to organization, focus, and reliability, ensuring customers receive products of the highest quality with clear branding and performance expectations. Additionally, CDS offers a fully bespoke service where leading engineers design monitors from initial ideas to production runs of custom monitors.

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