CDS Work with CiVue for Optical Bonding Projects

Crystal Display Systems Ltd have increased their optical bonded capability by partnering with leading Optical Bonding (OB) specialist CiVUE Optotech.

optical bonding civue

With CiVUE’s proprietary materials and a unique re-workable process, CDS provide solutions that enhance sunlight readability and provide additional ruggedness / vandal resistance.

The Optical Bonding Technology LucidBond™ & ArmorBond™  is the process of fixing a cover lens, such as anti-reflective glass, or touch panel directly onto a display and eliminating the air gap in between in order to reduce reflectance to as low as 0.2% and dramatically increase contrast ratio in a high ambient light environment.

LucidBond™ is the process of bonding directly onto the display itself and ArmorBond™ the process of laminating the touchscreen to a cover glass to increase ruggedness limiting the optical detriment.

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