Cool Advertising with CDS Transparent LCD Fridge


CDS technical director Tony Large shows off the masterpiece that is the LG transparent LCD fridge in this informative YouTube video.

Please watch for a great insight into the display and technology as below;

Key Features; 

  • Hybrid TLCD panel switches from Full transparent to Semi-transparent via a proximity Sensor. This gives greater impact at a distance with higher contrast content, whilst delivering the transparent content as you approach the fridge
  • TLCD panel is optically bonded to the front glass, improving contrast and removing glare
  • IPS M+ panel has an additional WHITE Pixel (RGBW) which creates a brighter and more vivid image, whilst delivering maximum transparency
  • Built in USB media player
  • Rich embedded sound (2x10W)

We currently have UK stock for this impressive product due to a large cancelled order so they are at a steal of a price!


Whilst stocks last!

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