ONE WEEK to go until CDS hit Las Vegas for our first time ever at G2E, The Global Gaming Expo 2022.

We will be there to show off our gaming solutions and discuss our display technologies and your projects and requirements. 

CDS are also offering a special discount to all stand visitors. 

Stand 1218 is where it’s at, with the following products being displayed at the show:

  • Halo / LED framed displays
  • PCAP touch solutions
  • J & C Curved Touch
  • Circular
  • Button deck / stretched displays
  • Commercial tablets
  • Transparent displays
  • Embedded / Panel PCs / boxed PC

A large part of our gaming business is based on offering support solutions for existing designs. This could be down to a spares contract or supplying products into new cabinet builds where a manufacturer is looking for a second source / cost down etc.

We aim to offer a competitive solution which is an EXACT match to the existing product. This includes mechanics and electrical interfaces; our strategy is that the CDS solution will be a seamless solution.

  • Give us the brief and we’ll find the solution
  • Full CAD design with 3D modelling
  • Rapid design and prototyping
  • New designs for legacy replacement
  • No / low tooling costs
  • Compliance testing / certification
Halo LED Edge Lit Displays

We love our range of captivating LED edge lit “Halo” displays so much that we are bringing 3 to the show! That’s right 3. Including our 10.1” (the world’s smallest), a 27” and a 43”. All with PCAP touch interaction.

Our halos are available in multiple sizes from 10” to 43”, up to 4K with controllable RGB LEDs, industrially designed for optimum durability and are price competitive too!

  • Sizes from 10” through to 43”
  • PCAP touch and non-touch options
  • Bespoke / semi – bespoke options
  • Flat / curved designed
  • Edge / front halo effects
  • HDMI / DP with optional android
  • Smart LEDs with industry standard SM16703P (B) chip

Want to check it out before the show? 43 inch 4K Halo in action

27″ ThruTouch PCAP Monitor in CDS Display Corner

Curved LCD Displays at G2E 

In fact, we are bringing 4 halo edge lit displays as our curved 43” J curved monitor also has a halo effect. A high-end statement piece for casino slot machines, entertainments kiosks, sports betting, lottery, bingo applications, and more.

In addition to this we have a newly launched 23.6” bar top curved monitor with PCAP touch which will make an appearance on the stand.

Here at CDS we offer – J curved, C curved, with and without PCAP and with and without LED halo. From 27” to 55” display sizes.

Encourage greater customer interaction with our halos with high-speed processing, image quality and touch accuracy.

State of the art high performance displays with a strong and rugged housing for maximum protection. 

Industrial tablets for gaming

Maybe your game needs the helping hand of an industrial designed, commercial tablet that will not let you down in vigorous play?

We got you! CDS are bringing two examples of our enterprise tablets range from our incredible partner, Glorystar.

Two tablets to play with on our stand including our android-based Nebula and the impressive Jarvis meeting room tablet with, you guessed it, LED flashing lights!

Powerful and durable tablets which are built to last with 10 points of touch, flexible mounting options, optional PoE, API third party integration, 4G, and more.

Stretched “Button Deck” Display

Button decks are vital displays within gaming cabinets and receive frequent user interaction during play. This means they need to be robust, stable, and diverse and here at CDS our range is all three of these and more.

Designed with high impact resistance our range of stretched displays are perfect for gaming. Display sizes from 6.2” to 77”.

Also Coming to the show – Circular Displays

In need of something spectacular? Check out our circular monitor! An impressive round LCD display that will definitely get you noticed!

That makes 5 halo displays as our circular masterpiece also has a bright multicoloured LED illuminator effect surround.

An ideal topper for gaming cabinets, displaying adverts, branding or game content. The unusual shape will catch players attention from a long distance.

Show-stopper Transparent Displays 

We wouldn’t be able to put on a show without the appearance of our transparent displays! Transparent Displays and kits allow you to display information / promotions on the digital display, whilst allowing you to see through it. Creating an opportunity for a “hide and reveal” effect for any objects behind the screen.

CDS transparent displays are available from 12” to 86” with PCAP touch, “3D” effect with a dual screen solution, and customised options. 

CDS has increased the use of transparent displays across the world and outside of the retail sphere, with industrial uses and gaming installations becoming more and more prevalent.

Meet the team and discuss new projects

And how about a few points for discussion with our sales and technical teams whilst you are passing by?

  • Our legacy / EOL replacement designs
  • Our custom / semi-custom offerings
  • Rugged solutions
  • High bright / sunlight readable options
  • Digital signage, and more

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