Flexibility is one of our key capabilities here at CDS. We are always prepared to customise our monitors and displays for our clients. For instance, we can offer a bespoke PCAP Plus solution for you.

Our standard range of advanced PCAP touch technology is already impressive, but check out the options for customising the range as below.

Custom Options for PCAP Plus Touch Technology include;

  • A thicker touch screen glass designed for when through touch is not required
  • Replacement of touch for a glass filter, offering an exact non-touch version, this presents the ease of a matching pair design
  • Bespoke touch glass is available. Options include shaped, oversized, branded rear printing and cut out designs
  • Higher brightness options for high ambient light applications are possible which will be ideal for window applications or outdoor locations
  • Different diagonal screen sizes
  • Integrated android media player, presents an option for easily driving content
  • Simple splash screen / boot logo branding
  • Custom tweaks for the mounting metalwork
  • Last but not least, a FULL custom design, distinctive to your company / brand etc.

How can CDS Help You with your Custom PCAP Plus Design;

Custom designs are very popular with many of our partners as we quickly convert your concept into a production ready display.

We create rapid prototypes and are with you every step of the way to reduce your time to market.

Above all, CDS remain commercially competitive and have scalable production capability. Call us today to get our advice on your current demands.

For more information on our PCAP touchscreen overlays, please visit – https://crystal-display.com/products/pcap-touch-screen-overlays/

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