Customised Touchscreen Control Panels by Crystal Display Systems (CDS)

Customised Touchscreen Capabilities from Leading Design Engineers at CDS

As the demand for outdoor touchscreens continues to surge, the need for specialised expertise in designing and manufacturing customised touchscreen control panels tailored for outdoor use becomes increasingly evident. Here at CDS, we can assist you with your demands for bespoke touchscreen displays that thrive in challenging outdoor environments. With a wealth of experience and a relentless commitment to innovation, we engineer the perfect synergy of components, materials, software, assembly, and integration to optimise touch panels for outdoor applications.

Demanding Industries Demand a Touchscreen that can keep up

Touchscreens are rapidly becoming indispensable for operating industrial machinery and kiosk devices outdoors. However, the transition to outdoor settings introduces unique challenges, ranging from readability in bright sunlight to resistance against water, extreme temperatures, and vandalism.

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CDS tackles these challenges head-on, leveraging specialised techniques and materials to ensure the durability and reliability of outdoor control panels. From moisture-resistant sealing to robust construction capable of withstanding temperature extremes, CDS meticulously engineers every aspect of their control panels to meet the demands of harsh outdoor conditions.

Touchscreen Enhancements for the Optimum View

Readability is paramount for outdoor touchscreens, particularly in bright sunlight. To address this, CDS offers solutions with non-reflective surfaces and UV-resistant materials certified to industry standards. Optical bonding enhances readability further by minimising reflections and widening the viewing angle, ensuring clear visibility from any position.

Safety is also a top priority, especially for applications in public spaces prone to vandalism. CDS integrates extra-thick front panels and polymer composite-based materials to create unbreakable displays that meet IK 10 standards for impact resistance. With these measures in place, CDS control panels offer unmatched mechanical strength and durability, capable of withstanding all environmental influences effortlessly.

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In conclusion, CDS’s expertise in designing and manufacturing customised touchscreen control panels for outdoor use represents a paradigm shift in the industry. By addressing the unique challenges of outdoor environments with innovative solutions, CDS empowers customers to deploy reliable and high-performance touchscreens in even the most demanding applications. With CDS, the future of outdoor touch technology is brighter than ever.

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