Difference in 5 years: Have a look and see how far CDS has come

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Here at CDS, we prefer to look forward into the promising future. However, at times, it is fun as well as rewarding to look back to appreciate your successes moving forward. Comparing our YouTube company video in 2023 to our company video 5 years previously is a great way to value some of the changes and improvements we have made within a short period of time. Take a glimpse into our 5-year transformation with us and check out our progress.  

Then (2019)

Now (2024)

Bigger and better premises

In 2019, amidst unforeseen challenges, we made a strategic move, acquiring a larger premises for our UK headquarters. Despite the timing, with the world on the brink of lockdown, this investment laid the foundation for our expansion. We had a to wait a long time to populate it, but it was worth the wait. Today, our sprawling office space and extensive warehouse stand as monuments to our progress.

No longer constrained by space, we’ve streamlined operations, facilitating seamless stockholding and efficient order fulfilment. What was once an operation including unloading deliveries in a cramped car park is now transformed into a bustling hub of productivity, empowering us to better serve our customers with agility and precision.

Welcoming New Faces, Embracing New Expertise

With growth comes the need for adept leadership. Enter Reece Dark, our warehouse manager extraordinaire, guiding our logistics with finesse. But our expansion wasn’t confined to physical space alone; we broadened our expertise by acquiring Craft Data, ushering in a new era of innovation.

Joining our ranks is Paul Tagg, an expert in small format display technologies, enriching our team with his wealth of knowledge. Paul’s addition to the team has not only added to the CDS camaraderie but has also brought along with him years of experience in certain display technologies that CDS have not been hugely involved in previously. These technologies include monochrome LCD graphic modules, small industrial OLED displays, embedded SMART displays and more. Along with these new technologies come many new suppliers which CDS now aim to strengthen partnerships and strong relationships with.

A Transatlantic Leap: CDS Goes Global

Not only have we been adding to the CDS UK team, but we also embraced the venture, and adventure, of expanding into the US with a new US office in New York. Establishing a foothold in New York, we unveiled our North American headquarters, spearheaded by Rich McKay, a luminary in sales leadership. This is a very new and exciting venture for CDS, although we have sold directly to the US for many years, we hope that this new US office will lead to untapped potential.


By watching both of our company presentation videos, you will be able to see how far we have come in 5 years. It is not always seen as a positive thing to look back, but when you can appreciate how much you have achieved, it makes you excited for the next 5 years. Here at CDS we are looking forward to looking back to 2024 in 5 years’ time to see what new achievements we have conquered. At CDS, the best is yet to come.

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