Professional Android Tablets for Retail Digital Signage

CDS Retail Tablet 1

The CDSPAD is a specially designed industrial tablet designed for professional retail displays.

Our range of touch interactive displays are manufactured with industrial components for optimum reliability so the tablets can be used 24/7.

These multi touch displays have a wide range of carefully designed features including robust housings, VESA mounting, SD Card protection system, Anti Theft and high quality audio to mention a few making them the perfect Android Digital Signage for retail applications.

IPS TECHNOLOGY – Brighter, Sharper Clearer

CDS Retail Tablet 2

Our range of CDSPADs use the latest IPS technology displays.

IPS is an advanced type of LCD Display Technology, which offers better viewing angles and much higher image clarity.

Using a superior display like this allows you to deliver your content professionally and maximizes the quality of your content.

IPS Display

Powerful RK3066 CPU

rockchipThe CDSPAD is built around the powerful RK3066 Dual Core Cortex A9 Chipset.

The Chip has a speed of 1.6GHz allowing it to effortlessly launch a wide variety of applications instantly and smoothly.

It also includes a Quad Core GPU making even the most graphic intensive apps fluid and lifelike at the touch of a button.

Integrated Smart Software

android tablet

  • Auto play of appointed app
  • Full screen display without Android menu bar
  • Password protection to exit the app
  • Auto SD content update with USB drive
  • Auto power on / off at designated time
  • Optional Motion sensor
  • Lots of peripherals and accessories
  • Compatible with selected CMS systems


Android 4.1.1 OS – License Free

Android 4.1.1 OS applies new processing architecture, further optimizing the dual core processor and improving hardware performance.

The Dual Core CDSPAD with Android 4.1.1 has vast improvements; accelerated web page opening speed by 50%, app installation speed by 25%, app loading speed by 16% and photo loading speed by 30%

The CDSPAD is compatible with multiple applications which are available to download from the Android market place.

The flexibility with so many applications now available to download allows the tablet to be used in so many ways to suit your application and demand.

With new applications appearing on a daily basis the technologyis constantly evolving and opening new opportunities.

Built for Public applications

touch tabletOne of the biggest challenges in public applications is durability.

From both a cost and a safety point of view it is crucial that products are durable enough to survive.

The CDSPAD is built with a high quality tempered glass multi-touch panel. We utilize a capacitive touch panel, the same technology as you will find on the high end consumer tablets.

The touch panel is made of scratch-free tempered glass, and produced with a double-deck  design and advanced laser carving for maximum durability.

The touch panel responds fast and accurately without dead corners for a smooth, slick touch experience.

Play Full HD video smoothly, support for Flash & HTML5

content tablet

The CDSPAD plays Full HD 1080p videos smoothly, and is compatible with 480p and 720p videos in all formats, WMV, MPEG 4 etc.

The tablet also supports Adobe Flash 11.0 and HTML5 so can easily access dynamic webpages and online videos and games.

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