Dreamoc 3D Holographic Displays

CDS are pleased to add the Dreamoc 3D Holographic Displays to our extensive range of Digital Signage solutions.

This unique technology utilises the latest 3D Holographic technology to allow users to showcase their products with 360 degrees cutting edge video content.

This next gen product technology is opening up new applications which up until now would not have been possible.

The Dreamoc has already proven its ground breaking capability for it’s “Stop and Wonder” effect in retail shops, airports, at exhibitions, shows, events and any other place where consumer attention is wanted.

Now we have improved the Dreamoc with stunning new features, making it even more impressive.

The Dreamoc range is a unique 3D display unit, that conveys compelling product messages that consumers just canʼt ignore. Dreamoc provides a dazzling combination of holographic-like, free floating video images, with the display of the physical product.

These images can be fully customized to fit your branding and colour. Make your product stand out from the crowd with the powerful and eye-catching Dreamoc display.

See the Dreamoc technology in action below:

Example 1: Iron Man Promotion

Example 2: Samsung Galaxy Promotion

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