Do you Require Small Format Industrial Grade LCD Displays?

New partnerships and new opportunities for small format industrial grade LCD displays

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Startek, a collaboration that significantly broadens our portfolio of Small Format Industrial Grade LCD Displays. This partnership brings forth an incredible array of standard sizes and formats, complemented by Startek’s remarkable selection of specialist-shaped and extended performance options.

These displays are not only impressive but also ideal for a diverse range of industrial applications, meeting the stringent requirements of environments with the harshest conditions. Our commitment to providing LCD displays that consistently surpass expectations remains steadfast, and this collaboration with Startek marks a significant stride towards delivering unparalleled solutions for our customers.

Full Range of Small Format Industrial Grade LCD Displays

  • 0.96″ to 10.4″ display sizes
  • 80×160 pixels ~ 1920×1200 pixels
  • 100s of options per size
  • No MOQs
  • Stock held for speedy samples
  • Long lifespan
  • Multiple interfaces available
  • Full viewing angles
  • Sunlight readable options up to 2,000 nits
  • Touch options
  • IPS displays.

TFTs with CAP Touch Panel

  • 2″ ~ 10.4″ display sizes with touch
  • High contrast ratios & higher brightness
  • Quicker response speeds
  • Full viewing angles
  • No colour change when side viewing
  • Strong anti-static
  • Startek have ISO, ROHS, and REACH certifications
  • Reliable touch displays that you can trust.

IPS LCDs with HDMI Input

  • Available from 2.8″ ~ 10.4″
  • High quality HDMI driver board for simple connectivity
  • Other options available – UART TFTs, Type-C TFT, bar type, round type, square type, transflective type, wide temperature type, and AMOLED displays.

Bar Type LCD Display Range

  • Display sizes 2.9″ ~ 12.3″, up to 2,000 nits
  • 376×960 ~ 1920×184 pixels
  • Free viewing angles
  • Interface options – MIPI, SPI+RGB, RGB and LVDS
  • Touch options
  • Wide temp options (-20 ℃~70℃) and automotive grade also (-30 ℃~85℃).
  • Ideal for getting in those tight spaces.
Round Type TFTs
  • You no longer have to stick to using a standard 4:3 aspect ratio Small Format Industrial Grade LCD Displays with a circular mask
  • True Round LCDs
  • 1.33″ ~ 5″ display sizes
  • 240×240 ~ 1080~1080 pixels
  • Wide operating temp -20 ℃~70℃
  • 270 nits ~ 500 nits
  • Touch options
  • Interface options include – SPI & MCU & RGB, MIPI, and LVDS.

Square Type TFTs

  • 1.33″ ~ 7.5″ display sizes with touch options
  • 128×128 ~ 720×720 pixels
  • Interface options include – SPI & MCU & RGB, Type C, MIPI, and LVDS.
  • Higher brightness up to 1,000 nits
  • Wide temp and automotive temp specs
  • Quicker response speeds.
Wide Temp TFTs
  • Developed IPS TFTs to withstand harsh environments
  • Target applications are Marine, Automotive, Military, Access Control, Transport, Infrastructure, Kiosk and Ticketing.
  • Outdoor use with high brightness
  • Available from 2″ ~ 19″.
  • Transmissive & reflective
  • Low power consumption
  • Slimmer, “less bulky”, sleek & compact design

Transflective TFTs

  • Display sizes 1.75″ ~ 5″
  • 25 nits ~ 500 nits
  • 296×222 ~ 800×480 pixels
  • Interface options – MCU, SPI and RGB
  • Touch options
  • Up to automotive grade also (-30 ℃~85℃)
  • Ideal for outdoor use.

“Having been in the display industry for 30+ years and having worked with some of the world’s main display innovators, I was astounded by the vast array of different sizes and formats available from Startek. I have never seen a product range of Small Format Industrial Grade LCD Displays so extensive. If you cannot find it in the Startek list it is simply not being made by anyone”, Paul Tagg, Sales Manager – Small Format Displays, CDS.

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