DWIN Smart UART Displays for Harsh Environments

Displays that will thrive in harsh environments and extreme climates

The demand for displays that can withstand harsh environmental conditions has become increasingly vital across various industries. DWIN’s Smart UART Displays emerge as a beacon of innovation, designed to thrive in severe environments where standard displays falter. Ranging from 3.5” to 15.0”, these displays boast standard sizes and formats, incorporating a blend of IPS wide view and TN TFT technology at competitive prices. Without doubt, the operational prowess of these displays spans an impressive -40C to +85C temperature range, ensuring resilience in extreme climates. Moreover, the incorporation of conformal coating on critical points shields against moisture contamination, rendering them indispensable in hostile settings. Additionally, with a custom dual-core processor based on the stable 8051 architecture, generous NOR Flash memory, and versatile GUI development software and more. Undoubtedly, these displays represent a cutting-edge solution for diverse applications, particularly in industrial automation, auto/aero/rail, and industrial process control markets.

Key Features and Benefits of the DWIN Smart UART Displays Range

  • Standard display sizes from 3.5” (320×240 resolution) to 15.0” (1024×768 resolution). All the popular industry standard sizes and formats included.
  • Mixture of both IPS wide view and TN TFT technology.  All at highly competitive pricing.
  • -40C ~ +85C operating temperature range for severe/harsh environment applications. They can be used in both hot and cold climates without issue.
  • Conformal coating on PCB and other key points to protect against moisture contamination.
  • Displays also feature a custom dual-core processor based on the very stable 8051 architecture. 
  • Display includes a minimum of 16MB of NOR Flash onboard memory (expandable to 64MB). Also including GUI storage consisting of touch functionality, images and audio.
  • GUI is created within DWIN’s own DGUS development software, images and audio can be imported from other applications and easily used to create your GUI. Ultimately, these can be uploaded to the display’s memory.
  • Displays include RS232 & RS485 interfaces to enable communication to the application’s main processor.
  • Generally good levels of brightness and optical performance (although not all are high brightness).
  • Another benefit is that the displays can be supplied without touch or with CTP or 4W RTP Touch options.
  • CTP touch options have a robust 6H MoHS rating and UV protection. Not only this but an anti-glare coating so they operate extremely well in full sunlight applications. 4W RTP also includes UV protection.
  • Displays comply and pass ESD, EFT, Radio Interference & Frequency. Also surge tests to henceforth ensure their suitability for these hostile environments and applications.
  • Ideal HMI display solution for a host of outdoor and hostile environment applications within the industrial automation. These include the auto/aero/rail and industrial process control markets.

Range Highlight – the 7” DWIN Smart UART Display

  • 7.0-inch, 1024*600 pixels resolution, 16.7M colours, IPS-TFT-LCD, wide viewing angle.
  • For severe outdoor environment applications.
  • Also capable of working under ultra-wide temperature range from -40~85℃ with conformal coating.
  • RGB interface.
  • Low power consumption, 3V power supply and <1W consumption, with super-capacitor which can work up to 7 days after power failure.
  • Supports RS232 and RS485 communication.
  • Based on T5L2 and runs a separate GUI CPU Core running DGUS II System.
  • High-speed display memory, 2.4GB/S bandwidth.
  • Wi-Fi module for remotely updating the cloud platform and USB module to download files.
  • Additionally a PGT05 interface is included for if the product is ever to crash by accident, the PGT05 can be used to update the DGUS kernel and as a result the product will return to normal.

Firstly DWIN’s Smart UART Displays stand as a testament to technological ingenuity, providing a robust solution for demanding environments. Secondly, the incorporation of cutting-edge features such as conformal coating, a wide temperature range, and compliance with stringent tests for ESD, EFT, Radio Interference, Frequency, and surge, solidify their reliability in hostile conditions. Thirdly, the range highlight, the 7” display, further amplifies their capabilities with a wide viewing angle, ultra-wide temperature range, low power consumption, and innovative features like a super-capacitor for extended power failure resilience. Furthermore, as we navigate an era where technology meets adversity, DWIN’s Smart UART Displays prove to be indispensable, offering not just resilience, but a forward-thinking approach to HMI display solutions in the face of challenging environments. In conclusion, whether it’s outdoor applications or critical industrial processes, these displays redefine what’s possible, ensuring seamless performance in the harshest conditions.

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