Embedded Boxed PCs Like you Have Never Seen them Before!

Check out the CDS TAICENN TBOX series which are specially designed according to actual industrial, embedded & automation applications.

Designed based on customer input and industry knowledge, the TBOX Series products provide a rugged & compact design.

They boast an industrial operating  temperature range of -20~+70C, Optional -40~+70C range.

The series consists of 5 models, all of which can be configured with mainstream processors including; Intel Atom, Baytrail, Broadwell and Skylake Core-U platforms.

Using these Boxed PC offers several key advantages:

  • Complete solution – hardware, software, OS and all other required functionality.
  • VGA / DVI outputs to easily drive TFT monitors and controller cards.
  • Very easy to integrate as all components are boxed saving time, space and cost.
  • Can be used to control external devices and offer more functionality
  • Fully customizable to suit your application in terms of size and performance.

Compact & small design with several versions box structure design to provide plentiful I/O options; Different I/O options for better cost effective.

To see an overview of the full range please visit our webapge – https://crystal-display.com/products/embedded-systems/

For more information including pricing and a data sheet please email info@crystal-display.com or call our main office on +44 (0) 1634 327 420.