NEW CDS EmbeddedVUE Panel PCs designed to meet the diverse needs of various market sectors

Need a High Performing panel PC? choose the embeddedVUE

From standard off-the-shelf solutions to meticulously crafted bespoke systems, CDS empowers industries to thrive in any environment with their range of EmbeddedVUE Panel PCs.

Standard Off-the-Shelf Solutions

CDS offers a wide array of standard Industrial Panel PCs, meticulously engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. These off-the-shelf solutions boast robust construction, high-performance computing capabilities, and compatibility with various operating systems. From manufacturing plants to transportation hubs, these ready-to-deploy systems provide reliable operation and seamless integration, enhancing productivity and efficiency across industries.

Customer-Specific Bespoke Solutions

Recognising that each industry and application has unique requirements, CDS specialises in crafting bespoke Industrial Panel PCs tailored to individual customer needs. Leveraging advanced engineering expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, CDS collaborates closely with clients to design and develop custom solutions that precisely address their challenges and objectives. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, harsh environments, or specialised interfaces, CDS delivers tailor-made Panel PCs that exceed expectations.

Adaptability Across All Environments and Sectors

CDS’s Industrial Panel PCs are engineered to thrive in diverse environments, including manufacturing facilities, outdoor installations, medical settings, transportation systems, and more. With ingress protection ratings, rugged enclosures, and advanced cooling systems, these PCs withstand the extreme rigours of many different market sectors and the environments where they work seamlessly.

Check out a few  examples of custom panel PCs we have manufactured and rolled-out for our customers:

Part Number Size Description
PPC-101-1000-2117U-XWM 10.1" 10.1" High Bright Panel PC, 1000nits, PCAP Touch, 1280*800
PPC-121-1000-J1900-XWM-RV2 12.1" 12.1" J1900 Panel PC, 1024x768, IP65 front, 1000cd,PCAP
PPC-156-450-J1900-WM 15.6" 15.6” Panel PC, PCAP, FHD, 450cd/m², J1900, 64/8Gb

In conclusion, CDS’s EmbeddedVUE Panel PCs represent a pivotal convergence of adaptability, reliability, and innovation, tailored to meet the dynamic demands of modern industries. From their comprehensive range of off-the-shelf solutions, meticulously engineered for rugged performance and seamless integration, to their bespoke systems, finely tuned to address the unique challenges of individual applications, CDS empowers businesses across diverse sectors to excel. By prioritizing customer collaboration and leveraging advanced engineering capabilities, CDS ensures that their Panel PCs not only meet but exceed expectations, enabling enhanced productivity, efficiency, and performance in any environment. With a steadfast commitment to quality, durability, and adaptability, CDS stands as a trusted partner in driving technological evolution and unlocking new possibilities for industries worldwide.

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