Harrods Transparent LCD Install Case Study

Please find our case study below on the Harrods Transparent LCD install.

This is one of the first retail installations to use the Transparent LCD display technology.  Harrods created a jaw dropping window display, using our Transparent LCDs to hide and reveal the products behind. The install consisted of a series of 22″ high resolution transparent LCD displays, running synchronized content across several window displays. Harrods also masked the area around the displays, to ensure all the focus was on the transparent LCD screens which worked beautifully.

Our transparent LCD displays are available in a wide range of sizes, and are also available with or without touchscreen. This opens up even more possibilities, allowing you to produce creative displays with user interaction.

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We can also offer complete showcases, 3DP systems, TLED glass and a range of other Transparent LCD products.

Transparent LCD Display Application Photos from Harrods Installation:

Harrods Install 1
Harrods Transparent Window
Harrods Transparent Window
Harrods Transparent Window
Harrods Transparent Window

Application Video

Video showing the Harrods Transparent LCD install in action

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