High Resolution 7 inch IPS TFT LCD A Diverse Industrial Choice

Introduction to the High Resolution 7 inch

Within this blog post we would like to highlight our High Resolution 7 inch which has multiple key features and benefits. 7.0” is an extremely popular size across all market sectors, which is why we have 100s of options within this one size. However, the KD070HDFLD092-C061D stands out due to its highly industrial spec and long product life which won’t let you down in any application. Even military and full outdoor applications where extremes of temperature on both ends of the temperature spectrum are guaranteed.

Key benefits of the High Resolution 7 inch

  • High resolution 1200(RGB) x 600 7.0” IPS TFT LCD, delivering an improved graphical user interface
  • Wide Operating Temperature of -30C~+85C, making them an ideal option for industrial applications up to automotive grade installs
  • Full sunlight usage with a 1600nit brightness, making them a viable sunlight readable option to use in outdoor applications
  • Optically bonded Multi-Touch CTP for improved optical performance even in full sun
  • IPS Ultra-wide viewing angles, minimum of 160 degrees on all axis
  • Can be used in both landscape (default) & portrait without the loss of image quality
  • Fast response times even at low temperatures
  • High brightness, high 800:1 contrast ratio and wide viewing angles all combining to produce an outstanding optical performance in all lighting conditions
  • Long product life

Key Specifications of the High Resolution 7 inch

  • 7” 1200 x 600
  • OD: 165.1(H) x 100.1(V) x 6.62(D)mm
  • AA: 154.21(H) x 85.92(V)mm
  • CTP touch
  • 160/160 viewing angle
  • 6 or 8 bit LVDS interface (widely used)
  • 16.7M Full colour palette
  • 800:1 contrast ratio
  • 1600nit brightness
  • -30C~+85C operating temp
Why you should choose our High Resolution 7 inch for your project
  • Rugged design – our display can withstand the demanding extreme environmental conditions of any industrial application
  • Sunlight readable – the high brightness and optical bonding of our display makes it the perfect choice for outdoor settings
  • Robust and durable, perfect for those installs where longevity are key
  • Versatile viewing – with the option of use in portrait or landscape ideal for control systems
  • Automotive grade – wide temperature range and fast response times, even at low temperatures
  • Optimal visibility – high brightness, wide viewing angles, and sunlight readability enhance visibility in different lighting conditions
  • High resolution graphics – 1200 x 600 resolution provides a detailed and clear graphical user interface, making it ideal for precise instrumentation and control applications among many suitable applications

In summary, the High Resolution 7 inch’s combination of high resolution, wide operating temperature range, sunlight readability, and versatile design make it a suitable choice for diverse industrial applications, addressing the specific needs of military, marine, automotive, instrumentation sectors and many more. The IPS ultra-wide viewing angles and high contrast ratio contribute to outstanding optical performance, ensuring clarity and accuracy in any industrial monitoring and control systems.

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