How to Explain the Value of a Pro AV VAR to Potential Customers

The global pro AV industry currently generates about £63 billion a year and is increasing year-on-year which is incredibly important for value-added resellers (VARs) because it suggests a growing global reliance on pro AV and digital signage fuelled largely by corporate, education and other sectors.

In our modern day society  we are increasingly reliant on pro AV to facilitate essential communications however it can still be challenging for VARs to explain their value when it comes to responding to ever-growing customer needs.

VAR’s add value in many ways which are not instantly obvious;

Provide complete solutions.

VARs are in a unique position to be a one stop shop for providing planning, integration, deployment, customisation and customer training among other valuable services.  They can also guide customers into adapting and even adopting new technologies through hardware maintenance and software customisation. Some VARs specialize within certain verticals which can result in them being able to save their customers money making the partnership very beneficial.

Customers can also benefit from the extensive customer networks the VARs are connected to which provides them with the important industry relationships which are hard to establish.

VARs can get technical.

Technical expertise is another advantage for VARs as the depth of knowledge comes into play by offering the best possible solutions based on individual customer demand. VARs lend their pro AV industry experience to customers in a way that produces demonstrable ROI.

Benefit from economies of scale.

Due to extensive Pro AV relationships VARs can drive savings to their customers by offering better pricing and discounts than could otherwise be obtained as a direct buyer. VARs also receive deeper manufacturer discounts which they can then pass along in the form of customer savings. This results in tangible cost savings without adding to fixed costs.

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