What is 3DP Transparent Technology?

Our transparent LCDs needing a high amount of backlighting has posed many issues and hurdles for many customers in design and project applications in the past. To help solve these design setbacks, here at CDS we have created our 3DP Transparent Technology. This technology offers a new opportunity for backlighting our transparent LCD displays, by using a high brightness LCD display behind them. As a result, the installer will no longer need such a large showcase design to fit all the LED lighting within it required to backlight large format transparent LCDs.

We call this whole new transparent experience ClearVue3DP technology.

How does this 3DP Transparent Solution work?

The rear high brightness LCD display has matched polarisers to the front transparent LCD, working as a pair, and creating a 3D effect.

The high brightness LCD will act as a “mood screen” for a basic video which should be predominantly white. Content on the back should not be too detailed as there will be a refraction with the front screen. Keeping it simple is key as if it has too much going on it will affect screen in front.

An object in between the screens would not be a problem at all if this is needed and the distance between the two screens is very subjective to your project/installation. They cannot be too close together due to a possibility of a moire effect.

How is the ClearVue3DP offered and installed?

Available in landscape or portrait solutions, and no need for additional software or additional glass.

The solution can be purchased in component form with both displays consisting of panel and kits for integration. Or as another option, the transparent LCD can be offered in component format combined with an open framed high bright monitor which both will need to be integrated into your own design. This offers up an easier way of integrating for our customers.

As well as this we can build the board for the transparent display into the aluminium frame for another ease in stall. Not only this, we can also offer a complete, finished showcase boxed solution with additional LED lighting.



What is next for 3DP Technology?

Well that is up to you!

So far, we have seen the 3DP Transparent Technology used in many applications, the most popular being 3D models of people but the opportunities are endless. We have the technology; we just need clever content creators like you for the ideas!

This means the larger sizes have been the most popular thus far, the bigger the better!

As you may know and have hopefully seen before, here at CDS we offer our transparent LCD panel and kits up to 98 inches! For the jaw-dropping wow-factor, why not contact us to see how you could implement the largest transparent display in the world.

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