Nebula Range! Industrial Grade, Commercial Use

Industrial grade android tablets for long term support and availability. In addition to this optional customisation is available and so much more.

CDS Introduce the Nebula from GloryStar. A product designed as an all-in-one self-service kiosk featuring:

  • commercial grade reliability
  • powerful processor (QuadCore A17 chipset with 1.8 Ghz peak frequency for IOT integrations)
  • optional power over ethernet (POE) on the 10.1″ version
  • optional peripherals including – magnetic card swipe, RFID/NFC & barcode readers
  • designed for commercial environments
  • supported 3-year supply
  • runs Android 9.0
  • create your own touch content with the Nebula – simply insert your videos and images with no coding required
  • license free lockdown app can be installed inside the tablet, preventing users from being able to exit your application, preventing access to the settings and other areas
  • remote management is also available with Star Control, a cost-effective software for a full solution

Industrial Design Leading to so many opportunities

Not only does the Nebula include all of the above key features but also the industrial design and reliability of the product lead to multiple opportunities. 

 As a consequence of the highest quality grade components, the Nebula Industrial Grade Android Tablets suitable for use in;

  • public kiosks
  • gaming machines
  • system terminals
  • digital catalogues
  • employee access control
  • corporate check-in
  • restaurant self-ordering
  • hotel check-in
  • and more.

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