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USB MiniMon TFT Displays  
Low power, Multi-display, easy interface, compact – for industrial TFT LCD applications Mirror or extend your desktop and provide Multi Monitor Systems with minimal effort.USB MiniMon TFT displays can be connected directly via USB interface to a PC or Notebook without the need of an additional graphics card. The MiniMon series is basing upon the AB105 TFT controller board, which provides a DisplayLink USB graphics interface (UGA), an LED driver and a touch controller. At displays up to 7 inch size it can work as a USB-powered device and needs no external power supply.DisplayLink’s innovative technology enables to operate up to 6 video cabled monitors over the desktop management. The operation of more than  

6 displays is possible upon request. The USB controller board can be preassembled on the backside of the TFT display on demand:
 USB Displays from Crystal Display
  TFT Controller Board AB105 mounted to the backside of the 4.3″ Optrex TFT LCD Display
 USB Displays for industrial applications
  TFT Controller Board AB105 mounted to the backside of the 5.0″ Optrex TFT LCD Display
* With 2-port USB-Hub (USB 2.0 high speed)
* With LED backlight and LED driver
* With USB Touch Controller for resistive analogue 4-wire Touch Screens
* Driver for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista – Basic & Aero, Windows 7 (after official release by Microsoft), Linux planned – for the actual status see
* Supports Picture Rotation (Portrait Mode)
* Display on/off and brightness control via push-buttons
  With DisplayLink Technology
Name Size
Fmt Resolution Brightn.s
Contrast B/L Interface View. Ang.
Touch Screen
MiniMon Solution w/ Optrex
4.3 15:9 800×480 200 400:1 LED USB 110°/130°  
MiniMon Solution w/ Optrex
5.0 15:9 800×480 400 500:1 LED USB 110°/130° Yes
MiniMon Solution w/ Optrex
5.0 15:9 800×480 200 500:1 LED USB 170°/170°  
MiniMon Solution w/
Display Solution SFD-057B
5.7 4:3 640×480 220 300:1 LED USB 100°/140°