Seamlessly integrate a GT Open Frame display into your design with a wide selection of options like glass, touch, controller and mounting. We can customise a monitor to fit your specific application unquestionably offering you the most flexible designs on the market today.

Here at CDS we have partnered with General Touch, to offer their full range of open frame monitors which are suitable for gaming, industrial and commercial use. Undoubtedly a strong addition to our very diverse and competitive range of touch display monitors.

Whatever the application, your users will not be disappointed with this phenomenal touch experience from General Touch. 

GT Open Frame Monitors range

Interested in finding out more? Click to download the GT Open Frame monitor brochure as below.

The GT Open Frame range features, but is not limited to:

  • Drop-in replacements
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Flexible designs
  • Rear mount, open frame, and closed frame options
  • Side lit LEDs and curved
  • Multiple options available
  • Customisation also available

Are you seeking a display to integrate into your application?

Why you should take notice…

  • Full range, proving the highest quality for OEMs and integrators
  • Flexibility to house these inside your own enclosure
  • Multiple possibilities for ease in mounting – flange mount solutions as well as back end VESA mounts
  • Display sizes (10” to 55”)
  • Various resolutions and brightness levels
  • Interactive touch and non-touch options
  • Slim profile packaging

WOW-Factor GT 43″ J Type Curved LED Framed Touch Monitors

Must-See General Touch Liquid Rejection Multi Touch In Action

New and exciting partnership for both parties

As the authorised distribution and stocking partner, CDS can supply GT open frame LCD displays from leading manufacturer General Touch, so speak with us now to gain support for your projects.

Whether you are building into casinos, kiosks, or control panels, we have the excellent solution for you! We have fully tested and approved this wide range and evidently feel it gives customers many options and choices which is often not available from other manufacturers.

In conclusion, we have decided to partner with General Touch because we strongly believe in their excellent high-quality products. Not only this but GT can support form, fit, and function drop-in replacements for many other blue-chip brands and manufacturers at a lower cost.

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