IP65 OutdoorVUE PCAP Touch Monitor For a Contactless Payment System in Norway

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Our client, a prominent supplier and developer specialising in contactless payment systems for both card and mobile transactions, is at the forefront of revolutionising payment solutions across diverse markets. These include but are not limited to car parks, canteens, vending machines, coffee machines, car washes, public toilets, golf clubs, marinas, camping facilities, and sun studios.

Faced with the challenge of catering to a myriad of applications and installation environments, our client sought a 15-inch touchscreen solution that would offer versatility and reliability. A crucial aspect of this requirement was ensuring optimal visibility in direct sunlight, given that many of their payment kiosks are situated outdoors. To meet this need, we provided a high-brightness 1,000 nits screen featuring an IP65-rated front face, ideal for outdoor installations. This not only guarantees readability in sunlight but also offers robust protection for indoor setups.

In addition to these features, we incorporated optical bonding technology, effectively eliminating condensation and enhancing clarity. This comprehensive solution ensures our client’s payment systems meet the highest standards of performance and durability, regardless of the varied conditions they may encounter.




15″ IP65 Front Faced Opticlaly bonded PCAP Touch Monitor, 1000nits

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