Kickz Transparent showcase application

A great example of a 22″ showcase box being used to launch a new trainer in store.

You like many others have probably seen one piece of technology that often makes its way into sci-fi movies is the transparent display screens like those from CDS. Having been featured in blockbusters like “Avatar”, “Minority Report”, and “I, Robot”, transparent display solution are used to convey a sense of what the future could hold and CDS started with the Samsung LTI460AP01 Transparent LCDs before improving the sizes and range of Translucent displays available. Let’s take a minute to learn about how transparent LCDs differ from regular LCDs. Standard LCD panels need BLUs (Back Light Units) as a light source in order to display an image as backlights are essential for LCD panels to function, since without a light source, nothing would be visible.  But a vital difference between transparent and regular LCDs is that the former lacks backlight units as Instead it uses other light sources available (sunlight, in-door lighting). And at night we hear you ask?  In darkness you can activate the transparent BLU, a BLU designed specifically for transparent panels, as a light source with great effect. In addition to being stylish, another advantage to the transparent display is its energy efficiency as when the transparent BLU is not activated, the transparent LCD uses only 10% of the electricity used by a regular LCD screen of equivalent size so runs cool and eco-friendly. There are endless possibilities with the transparent screens and the sizes and formats. Imagine a product on display, framed by a transparent screen with real-time updated information. The transparent display’s uses are limitless, and are only limited by only the imagination of the designers and developers. This is demonstrated by the Kickz Transparent showcase application.

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