Largest Range of Halo Edge Lit Displays from CDS

Halo Edge Lit Displays
  • Gaming monitors with BRIGHT MULTICOLOUR LED illumination
  • Attractor displays to GRAB user’s attention
  • Also used to trigger an event within the game during operation, like a jackpot win
  • Using Smart LED’s – giving an almost unlimited number of colour combinations
  • Choose from an integrated LED controller that can accept serials command over USB (using a built in USB to RS232 conversion)
  • Or the LED halo can be addressed directly via SPI using industry standard LED protocols.
Halo Edge Lit Displays
  • Sizes from 10” through to 55” up to 4K
  • PCAP touch and non-touch options
  • Bespoke / semi – bespoke options
  • Flat / curved designed (C, J, S curved)
  • Edge / front halo effects
  • HDMI / DP with optional android
  • Smart LEDs with industry standard SM16703P (B) chip
  • Round, stretched, and square options

Our standard halos are available in multiple sizes from 10” to 55”, up to 4K with controllable RGB LEDs, industrially designed for optimum durability and are price competitive too!

As well as of all that, fully customised designs are also welcome.

We have launched our newly updated 23.6” circular LCD monitor, now using the BOE panel with a higher resolution (previously using the 848×848 AUO panel).

Key Features:

  • High performance BOE TFT LCD monitor providing a high-quality screen image 1280×1280 resolution
  • Supporting VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs
  • Wide input resolution range up to Full HD (1920 x 1080@60Hz)
  • Optional LED halo surround to make the circle stand out even more than it already does
  • Optional PCAP touch glass for an interactive experience for your users

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And don’t forget about our full curved range…Halo Edge Lit Displays

Halo Edge Lit Displays

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