Revealing CDS's “Secret Weapon” for LCD Monitor Design Services

Unlocking Excellence in LCD Monitor Design Services with CDS’s Strategic Approach

In the dynamic realm of industrial LCD TFT solutions, Crystal Display Systems (CDS) stands out as a pioneering force, spearheading innovation through their comprehensive LCD Monitor Design Services. Let’s delve into the intricacies of their “secret weapon” that fuels their success in creating high-tech solutions tailored for the custom electronics industry.

CDS, a leading design services company, emphasizes the meticulous process involved in developing high-tech solutions for the custom electronics industry. With a portfolio of many designs and continuous innovation, the company introduces four to six new products every quarter. At the core of our success is the visionary leadership of co-founder Chris Bartram, who serves as the Company Technical Director and co-owner Tony Large overseeing research and development (R & D).

Tony’s unique blend of technical expertise and market intuition serves as a driving force for product ideation. His hands-on approach involves direct engagement with customers, providing valuable feedback on product quality and market demands. This initial analysis guides the extensive engineering phase, where CDS’s R&D department, comprising a team of engineers globally, focuses on designing Displays, Monitors, and touchscreens.  To enhance efficiency, CDS standardises both software and hardware platforms across its product lines. This streamlined approach accelerates development by avoiding redundancies and ensuring backward compatibility. The company’s commitment to shared software and hardware facilitates quicker adaptation to market needs.

Visionary Leadership and Consumer-Centric Ideation

Directors Chris Bartram and Tony Large: The Visionaries

At the helm of CDS’s success are Directors Chris Bartram and Tony Large, whose unparalleled blend of technical prowess and market intuition propels the company’s product ideation. Through hands-on consumer engagement, they gather invaluable feedback on product quality and market demands, setting the foundation for the LCD Monitor Design Services.

Precision Engineering: Tailoring Solutions in Collaboration

Bespoke Solutions through Extensive R&D

The LCD Monitor Design Services embark on an extensive engineering journey where CDS’s Research and Development department collaborates directly with customers. This phase is characterized by the meticulous design of custom monitors and bespoke solutions, ensuring a perfect match for the unique requirements of each client.

Streamlined Hardware Platforms for Accelerated Development

Efficiency Unleashed: Standardisation and Upgradable Options

CDS streamlines its hardware platforms for efficiency while offering customers optional upgrades for advanced features. These include high brightness, touch interaction, Panel PCs, extended operating temperature, IP rating, additional interfaces, and optical bonding. This standardised yet flexible approach accelerates development speed, allowing CDS to offer quick samples ex-stock, adapting swiftly to market needs.

Rigorous Prototyping: Quality Assurance Beyond Standards

From Raw Materials to ‘Minimum Viable Product’

The prototyping phase within the LCD Monitor Design Services involves a meticulous coordination of raw materials and electronic components, resulting in the creation of a ‘minimum viable product.’ Rigorous alpha and beta testing, conducted in collaboration with power users, integrators, manufacturers, and developers, ensures robust quality assurance controls.

Navigating Challenges with Manufacturing Excellence

Adaptability in the Face of Challenges

CDS, accredited with ISO 9001 and 14001, showcases manufacturing resilience even in challenging times such as the COVID-19 supply chain crisis. Despite hurdles like microchip shortages, CDS maintains manufacturing efficiency, delivering top-notch products to clients worldwide.

Agile Development: Redefining Market Dynamics

Years Ahead in the Market: CDS’s Commitment to Innovation

CDS’s agility in product development is a key differentiator, allowing them to bring redesigned or entirely new products to market within six to twelve months. The company’s commitment to staying ahead of the competition is evident in its continuous innovation and focus on delivering features that set us apart. While the financial investment varies for each product, CDS’s goal is to remain years ahead in the market, offering unparalleled features and ensuring sustained success.

Should you have a semi-custom or fully bespoke system requirement please contact us to discuss your project so we can deliver you an optimum solution.

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For more details on CDS’s LCD Monitor Design Services, including open-frame TFT LCD industrial monitors, visit CDS’s Product Page. To kickstart your journey in creating a bespoke solution, utilize the CDS Monitor builder page. If you seek options for quicker market access with stocked design-ins, explore Ex-Stock Industrial Monitors.

Unleash the power of CDS’s LCD Monitor Design Services – where innovation meets precision to redefine the standards in the custom electronics industry.

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