LG88BH7G has been revised

We heard a rumour that the LG 88 stretched monitor, LG88BH7D, has been made end of life. We wanted to quash this rumour, as the good news it is not true! In fact, it is quite the opposite, the LG88BH7D has been revised. Please meet the new and improved LG88BH7G.

Key Spec Details for the LG88BH7G

  • Screen size – 88”
  • Aspect ratio – 32:9
  • Native resolution – 3,840 x 1,080
  • Brightness – 700 nits
  • Contrast ratio – 1,100:1
  • Dimensions – 2,158.3 x 611.2 x 103.9 mm
  • Inputs – 2 x HDMI (2.0), 1 x HDMI (1.4), DP, DVI-D, USB 2.0, RS-232C, LAN, and audio in
  • Outputs – DP, RS-232C, LAN, and audio out
Key features of the new and improved LG 88 inch Stretched Monitor
  • Ultra-Stretch Signage, 32:9 Space-Fitting Wide Screen – incredible widescreen format that brings you a new experience, captivating customers’ attention.
  • 32:9 Extended Wide Format – unique wide screen which is twice as long as the previous 16:9 display, allowing more content and information to be shown on one screen.
  • High Picture Quality (3,840 × 1,080) – about half the size of a 98-inch UHD display, delivers vivid and clear colours.
  • Flexibility for Content Management – optimized to show a vertical or horizontal object so can be installed in portrait or landscape.
  • Multi-Screen Mode with 4PBP – Picture-by-Picture (PBP) feature allows you to show multi content in one single display by up-to four parts, creating a seamless picture without the bezels.
  • User-friendly Menu – user-friendly UX to simplify approach flows, groups similar functions together, and adopts an intuitive GUI for ease of use. When using the display in portrait mode, menu can also be adjusted accordingly.
  • Tiled Scene with Immersive View – tiled scene by up to 15×15 configuration making it an ideal solution for building up a large screen.
  • LAN Daisy Chain Management – daisy-chained network feature gives you the ability to control, monitor and even update firmware for multiple displays at once.

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